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Friday, 10 March 2017

The SAS In Action, Survivalist Stories & Lots of Reading:

Just about EVERY book that I've seen about the SAS or Navy SEALS or special forces in general has been complete bullshit written by some marketing or PR agency hack - however 'The SAS In Action' written by Peter Macdonald (ISBN 0 283 06093 X) is actually a fact-filled history and tells a basic insider story with photos.. a surprise to me.

I was given some books the other day by "J" - the next one here is 'The Day Of The Triffids' by John Wyndham. 

- I guess that you guys'n'girls still read - or you wouldn't be here ..

An excellent and thought-provoking read - once you get used to his slightly dated? writing style that results from it being written way back in the 1950s.

A sci-fi novel of survival post-apocalypse when nearly everyone is blinded by a bright night-time light-show in the skies - and are left fighting to survive long term against the deadly stinging attacks of mobile commercial oil producing carnivorous plants - the Triffids.

Full of interesting 'asides' - such as our English heroes having to arm themselves with sheath-knives on belts before moving forward to 'pistols' and blade firing spring-powered "Triffid Guns".

- Of course they made a movie ^

You should be able to find Wyndham's used books very cheaply.


- Reading the 'Triffids' again reminded me of Terry Nation's 1975 SURVIVORS - that was subject of two great  BBC TV series (The 2nd one was a less worthy 'remake' version).

The SURVIVORS was filmed in British SAS training country around Herefordshire. - A good book and even better TV.

Terry Nation is perhaps better known as creator of  Doctor Who & The Daleks, Blake's 7 & a whole string of TV writing including The Avengers, The Saint etc. - He was also a script writer for British comedian Tony Hancock way back in 1962/63.

SURVIVORS is available as a paperback book and the DVD boxed sets of the TV Series are great viewing.

- Any other GOOD survival stuff out there - even more recent?

- I've just watched two series of 'Better Call Saul' - spin-off from 'Breaking Bad'. Great viewing that demonstrates that there still is some good television being made - as long as you eliminate the commercials.

P.S.    Real rifle shooting Readers should enjoy this 102 page PDF titled 'The Art Of Shooting'.

It is a story of international competition rifle shooting through many decades- There's even mention  (on Page 20) of the Reising sub-machine gun and its .22" version...
Marty K.