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Sunday, 12 March 2017

NZ Police Attitudes To Legal Gun Users:

When Recently attempting to justify Police Association demands for increased restrictions on Legally Licensed Firearms users, Police Association President Chris Cahill is quoted thus:

"Like it or not, the reality is that criminals often acquire their guns from burglaries of legitimate gun owners and dealers, or, guns are on-sold to people who have no intention of registering them and using them within legal parameters."

Well Chris - carefully reading what you said - it is a clear indictment that the police are failing in their responsibilities to protect the law abiding (and Licence fee paying) legitimate tax payers - from the criminal burglary activities of known violent gang members and drug dealers.

Indeed, when in 2006 an Auckland Licensed Firearms Dealer himself prevented the theft of guns from his shop by shooting and wounding the machete armed attacker - The Shop worker was charged by the Police with illegal possession of a firearm (without lawful, proper, or sufficient purpose!). - In due course - he was found to be 'Not Guilty'.

- If it is proven that criminals are targeting legitimate gun owners and shops to obtain weapons - what preventative actions - such as increased patrols and surveillance - have the police adopted?

Perhaps the law abiding are meant to nervously wait for the next four years until the politically promised 1,800 fresh police recruits are trained & deployed - if they do actually materialize.

- Certainly something needs to be done soon - but that something is not increasing costs and obstructive regulations on the law abiding.

Marty K.