Friday 28 August 2020

Loophole Money Makes The World Go Round ...

 - By taking it out of your pocket ..

Did the New Zealand Government "Buy-Back" your legally owned now PROHIBITED firearms? - Did they use your tax dollars to do that?

Feeling hard-up? .. Likely that you won't be too surprised to learn that over in Britain - where more than 300 people go Bankrupt every day - they now have a National Debt that recently passed 2 TRILLION POUNDS (Roughly speaking that's around 4 Trillion US Dollars). - Funny how they boast about being the world's fifth-biggest economy eh .. but that is before BREXIT has started to affect their trade.

The U S National Debt is over $26 TRILLION 

One Persons Debt Is Another's Wealth

NZ debt is currently only around NZ$58 Billion .... The NZ Dollar buys about US$0.65 so that's around US $38 Billion but rising fast with this Covid-19 Pandemic crippling the economy.

A BILLION is only a thousand million

Whereas a TRILLION is a million Million .. with 12 zeros thus  1,000,000,000,000

These numbers get to be almost meaningless unless you concentrate eh .. especially when you are managing on a state pension.

- There are many mysteries in life ... (like WHO is it keeps turning the ring volume off on my cell phone  (it's not the cat ..) - so few of us proles can work out who are the wealthy lords of the earth that have so much cash that they lend zillions to our Governments and make themselves ever richer on our tax money?

I guess these wealthy dollar-psychos will be the same types who now ruin our public television with five minute Ad-Breaks after every 10 minutes viewing - and also now "own" the countries public electricity system that taxpayers built & paid for .. on the false promise that they would give us cheaper privatised power. - My monthly power charges have more than doubled from $40 a month ten years ago - to $95 every month.

These wealthy corporate psychos actually control our lives ... by twisting our elected governments ... with big "Political Donations" and by helping Ministers to do their jobs with holidays & yacht trips.

loophole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the purpose, implied or explicitly stated, of the system.

Originally, the word means an arrow-slit, a narrow vertical window in a wall - through which an archer could shoot. - In a loophole, a law addressing a certain issue exists, but can be legally circumvented due to a technical defect in the law.

There are so many "loopholes" in financial laws that you'd need to be naive to think they are accidental or indeed - to think that the lawyers & consultants can't fix them if so instructed by government.

It is these same psycho money hoarders who don't want YOU to own a gun .. They want their own bodyguards and armed private police forces .. Sure.

Our own gun banning prime minister Jacinda Ardern has FOUR armed police guards permanently at her home

 .. When they finance a regime change in some nation that's got oil or 'rare earth mineral' resources ... they don't want any expensive resistance from the locals.

The right to be armed for self-defence is a basic human RIGHT existing in 'Common Law' - but now denied in New Zealand by our arrogant Police management and by our shifty politicians.

The inside news from Parliament's "Beehive Building" is that if returned to power this regime will introduce a THIRD TRANCHE of gun laws that limits/Bans PISTOL TARGET SHOOTING.


Time to act  now.

Marty K.

Saturday 22 August 2020

The First Generation "TERRORIST" Glock 17 WAS NOT "The First":

 It really is a funny old world eh .. Just 4% of the worlds population seem to think that THEY ARE THE WHOLE WORLD & whatever they think rules everywhere.

The Glock "First Generation" model typifies how U S models designation can become 'the standard' ... something like "The Big Mac Index" - where the cost of a U S  hamburger is used to measure national economies around the planet (PPP - Purchasing Power Parity).

 .. The U.S. Gun Writers Are WRONG 

The true original 1st Generation Glock 17 did not have any serial number on the bottom of the polymer (Nylon) Frame .. I think a few U S gun writers now recognise that there is a generation prior to 'Gen 1' that they might call the "Austrian Army Model" - but that was actually sold worldwide before Glocks were imported into America.

The original G17 was serial numbered on both the slide and breech of the barrel but did not have the metal insert moulded into the pebble textured frames. Those first models had a smaller diameter barrel than later ones and their magazines did not have the folded steel liners & these bulged when loaded and  did not drop clear when released. - Glock Ges stated that these swollen magazines - that would not eject clear were an intended design feature - but they soon redesigned and re-enforced them to meet American expectations.

"First Generation" Glocks are merely the model that was modified to meet the U S BATFE Import regulations:

Soon after the 1968 Act, what is now the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), Treasury`s agency with regulatory authority over firearm issues, adopted "Factoring Criteria" to be used to determine whether a given handgun is eligible for importation under 925(d)(3). Under the criteria, a handgun must meet certain "prerequisites" and achieve a sufficient number of points under a "point system" which awards points based upon a handgun`s overall length and height (pistols) or frame length and barrel length (revolvers), weight, caliber, frame construction, safety-related features, and miscellaneous equipment such as target sights and grips.

Despite the "sporting language" in 925(d)(3), BATF`s criteria are in some respects weighted against handguns with well-established sporting credentials. As examples, the fact that a handgun uses .22 caliber ammunition earns it relatively few points, though more target shooting is done with .22 caliber handguns than with those of any other caliber. A pistol receives 10 points for having a double-action trigger mechanism, though single-action pistols dominate many long-established target shooting activities. A pistol receives points for having a target trigger and external hammer, though most .22 caliber pistols designed for target shooting do not possess external hammers.

The real reason that Glock's latest model the G44 is made in Smyrna Georgia is that as a striker-fired .22" rim fire model - it does not score enough points to be imported.

- You know that many leaders and journalists falsely state that America has no firearms restrictions or ownership limitations - whereas there are many gun laws there .. including the Federal Law that forbids any FELON from possessing any cartridge firing gun.

.. Mind you .. these same anti-gun "journalists" & politicians said that Glocks were "ceramic pistols" that were terrorist weapons - undetectable by x-ray.

The first Glocks arrived in USA in early 1986 - but the guns were designed by the Glock factory team in 1980 and replaced the Austrian Military's previous service pistols in 1983-1984.

- There is SO MUCH marketing myth & PR that becomes "fact" that we all need to check what we believe in life.. Colt's Single action Army model M1873 "Peacemaker" was designed by WILLIAM MASON .. 11 years after Samuel Colt died.

America's satellites have for years been lifted into orbit on imported RUSSIAN built rockets - If you don't like what I'm telling you - CHECK OUT THESE THINGS YOURSELF.

Current New Zealand's Firearm's Laws have been altered to cover-up Police and Government failings and are being used to punish law abiding shooters who have proved that they are 'FIT & PROPER'.

How many Politicians or UNLICENSED armed police officers can qualify as 'Fit & Proper'?

Marty K.

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Britain Wanted To Test H-BOMBS On NZ Islands:

Trust Your Government? 

 I had wrongly thought that the UK had blasted-off all their Atom Bombs in Western  & Central Australia ... but they also used the Central Pacific MALDEN ISLAND in The Gilbert & Ellice Islands - now known as Kiribati.

Trying to write fact about the Poms nuclear tests gets very confusing very quickly .. partly because of the technical terminology used, - partly because THEY themselves were confused and couldn't seem to get the atom science right ... and partly because the British Government was both lying to the "public" .. and telling a different set of lies to America's leaders - who they were trying to con into sharing their nuclear secrets with the British scientists.

Using their words - if you added Tom (fission) to Dick (fusion-boosted) you might get "Harry" The H-Bomb.

We all know that New Zealand became 'Nuclear Free' over the French 1970's tests in the Pacific .. but did any of us know that the NZ Government had already refused in the 50's to let Mother England use either our southern Antipodes Islands or the northern Kermadec Islands for H-Bomb testing?

... When Australia told Britain to pack-up it's H-Bombs and go elsewhere - they looked to the Pacific ..

"In May 1955, the Minister for Defence, Selwyn Lloyd, concluded that the Kermadec Islands, which lie about 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) northeast of New Zealand, would be suitable.They were part of New Zealand, so Eden wrote to the Prime Minister of New ZealandSidney Holland, to ask for permission to use the islands. Holland refused, fearing an adverse public reaction in the upcoming 1957 general election in New Zealand. Despite reassurances and pressure from the British government, Holland remained firm.."

This was to be Britain's first test of a radiation implosion thermonuclear bomb design. The device, named Green Granite Small, weighed 10,000 lb and used a modified Red Beard primary (called "Tom") and a lead-encased lithium deuteride secondary (called "Dick"). Most of the yield was from the secondary, providing evidence of successful radiation implosion, but the yield was far below the predicted value (about 1 megaton was expected).

Britain's H-Bombs Dropped From Vickers Valient B-1 Nuclear Bombers.

  • There are more 'ins & outs' to British nuclear history than around the 'portaloos' at a free pop concert .. especially if you include the CALDER HALL & WINDSCALE cover stories and nuclear accident /fire.
It seems that ALL Governments lie .. But the bigger and more powerful they become - the bigger the lies that they tell.
- Have you surrendered your freshly PROHIBITED sporting rifles & guns that 'Jacinda' blames for the murders by Brenton TARRANT? .. If not you will be treated as a criminal.

Marty K.

.. The phrase "Tom, Dick & Harry" is an example of a TRICOLON ... speaking in threes - which our brains seem to like. - Other examples would be "Lock, Stock & Barrel" and "Cheats, Liars & Politicians".


Friday 14 August 2020

Weasel Words For Four Minutes


Throughout the period 1953 - 1992 the British public were told that should the Soviets launch a nuclear attack at their once green & pleasant land (where supposedly Jesus visited Glastonbury in some unknown year) .. they were promised by their government that they would get a three or four minute warning of their imminent ending.

- This would have emanated from a Warning Officer at the Home Office's Warning and Monitoring Organization - stationed at RAF High Wycombe. (- I lived close-by for 8 years).

Weasel Words & Empty Promises:

You may be excited to learn that this 'generous' warning would only be made in case of a communist nuclear devastation ... should the explosion(s) emanate from a British or U S capitalist gadget there would be NO WARNING - nor indeed any report of it's nature until later when an appropriate fiction might be created .. Such as when a B-47 bomber crashed on landing and destroyed three Mk-6 fission bombs stored in an 'igloo' bunker at RAF Lakenheath Suffolk in 1956.

RAF Lakenheath is an U S Air Force Base - where control was handed to U S in November 1947.

Mk-6 Atom bomb.
3.5 Tons+ each With 5,000 lbs of H.E - plus Uranium - Plus Plutonium

The B-47 bombers had an extensive record of "Broken Arrow" crashes and accidental death during their 30 year service life.

Papers released at the National Archives, - formerly the Public Record Office, reveal that Whitehall wanted to block U S authorities from even ordering evacuations if any of its nuclear weapons fell on the British countryside.
B-47 JATO Assisted Take-off: ... What Ecology?

The record shows that more than 2,000 of these nuclear Stratojets were built & deployed.

- In October 1962 I had annoyed my factory manager by taking a day off work - fully expecting to be vaporised by the US threatened nuclear attack on Russia over the Cuban Missile Crisis. - The Soviets sensibly backed-up and withdrew their missile support for Castro's Cuba - thereby forestalling the need for the British High Wycombe based Warning Officer to pick up his telephone ..

UK's Jodrell Bank Telescope Was Secretly Modified To 
Track Incoming Russian Missiles During The Cuban Crisis.

Relax - you are in safe hands(not) .. as long as all Kiwis have surrendered your prohibited rabbit guns.

Marty K.

P.S. - I've just realised why god created politicians ... it's all to add uncertainty to the issues of Right & Wrong - or Fact versus Lies - as whenever the assoles take the soapbox to promise us what they are going to do next time if we vote for them .. they might (only just) actually do it ..

Time to  act   now.

Use your PARTY Vote.


Tuesday 11 August 2020

NZ Industrial-Political-Media COMPLEX

 I was party to a recent discussion involving the 'POWER OF THE PRESS" and how it works for the Governments .. but I reckon that the "Media" is only one influential part of the Corporate Complex that our governments support and feed with our tax money.

NZ Is Something Like U S But Much Smaller

The diagram illustrates how the mutual back scratching flows around (round & round) .. Link:

POWER - MONEY & Influence or Control work together for their own mutual benefit .. while Voters are fed the stories by media to direct their emotions and attention away from the facts into the desired direction every few years.

You are constantly being manipulated and 'conditioned' by the same marketing & PR techniques that might annoy you with the repeated T.V advertising.

This is a well known psychological technique .. Link

Even if you don't accept or agree with these persuaders at a conscious level - your subconscious is receptive to repeated inputs. - If you watch it  - hear it - or read it around 10 times ... You've got it.

Anti-Firearms emotion is simple to promote as the majority of peacetime city dwellers will only need to be nudged forward slightly - in line with the sensational thriller fiction violence and and lurid crime reporting on the 6 o'clock news .. "if it bleeds it leads."

You would need to be naive to believe that the first two tranches of anti-gun legislation rushed into New Zealand law following BRENTON TARRANT's white supremacist killings were written then and there .. they certainly were already prepared & polished waiting for the right moment to introduce.

Only time will tell if  'fit & proper Licensed Sporting Shooters' manage to stop the next waiting tranches from surfacing or perhaps even manage to correct the awful & ineffective screeds already passed into New Zealand Law.

Marty K.

Saturday 8 August 2020

Corrupt Government

 If you start with the idea that a country should be run for the benefit of it's population .. you must be disappointed with our world ..

Only the two darkest shades of blue  claim to be "democratic" ..  but policies of even those elected governments have no compulsion to act in the interests of the majority.

There is only one nation in the world that has DIRECT DEMOCRACY - Switzerland - where every policy is decided by voters.

- How can voters here accept their police claiming that ordinary people have no right to self defence using a weapon?

- Take something silly like Television - this wonderful invention used to be great before corrupt governments handed programming control to commercial marketing businesses .. so you can't now watch anything for ten minutes before it is disrupted by five minutes of inane advertising.

.. Getting serious - the basic duty of an elected government is to organise the civil rights of HEALTH CARE - LAW & ORDER - EDUCATION - EMERGENCY SERVICES - SOCIAL WELFARE .. for the people.

Can your management claim that all of these five essentials are fully funded and resourced? .. or are yours all run-down and struggling to cope? - perhaps even becoming privatised and run for profit?

How can any nation that maintains a privileged elite monarchy (with associated aristocrats - 811 in the House of Lords) pretend to be running things for 'The People'? - There are 44 Monarchies:

Even without a monarchy - the top one percent of wealthy Americans own 40% of all of America.

As of 2020, 33 year old Mark Zuckerberg’s (founder of Facebook) net worth is estimated to be OVER 100 Billion - he is quickly catching up to the other CENTI-BILLIONAIRES Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Money Talks: - Like when the privileged parliamentarians decided that they'd blame Licensed Firearms Owners for an Australian Tarrant killing 51 Muslems and horribly injuring 40 more ..

Even more disastrous - when you get brave enough to think about the 

13 THOUSAND nuclear warheads that are held ready to destroy us all & our children - these 13,000 abominations were invented  and built by GOVERNMENTS using our taxes .. 

They were not built or kept at home by licensed firearms users.

"Mustn't complain eh ... They're doing their best."

- The trick seems to be that the elite top layer is allowed to lie to us .. and then PAID by us - and a lot of the poorly educated believe the bullshit that they are fed.

When our New Zealand Government cut funding for the firearms Licensing process and changed the regulations to allow police to give an Australian white supremacist killer Brenton Tarrant his license to kill - They then tried to cover-up by blaming fit & proper Licensed sporting shooters for those murders.

Use your Party Vote carefully .. as The Royal Commission Report will only be released AFTER the Election.

Marty K.

Friday 7 August 2020

World's Oldest Bronze 'SWORD' - Would Be BANNED In NZ:

This short sword looks more like a dagger to me .. and measures only about 60 cm or 24 inches overall length .. But any bronze replica would be a NZ police banned import 'double edged' weapon for New Zealand.

Tests have found that it is made from an early type of arsenic-copper BRONZE alloy and dates as more than 5,000 years old.

The 'sword' was part of a medieval exhibit in a Venice monastery museum when earlier this year a student noticed that it might be wrongly dated & labelled.

This particular relic comes from the ancient city of Trebizond in Northeastern Turkey.

So there you go - you never know what's around the corner waiting to be found eh.

So the oldest bronze "edged weapon" at 5,000 y.o from Turkey can meet the oldest known hand gun from China - also made from bronze .. that is a mere 732 years old:

Heilongjiang Bronze Hand Cannon From Before 1288

The slow development of ballistic weapons that follows-on from edged flint cutting tools has logically opened the media's doors to neurotic gun-banners who myopically focus on DANGER from portable firearms .. but they might better raise their eyes toward the upper atmosphere above Antarctica - or indeed to beneath our surrounding seas .. where they might observe REAL DANGER from recently developed & deployed nuclear powered cruise nuclear weapons. - try this linked story for illumination;

With such government maniacs running our planet .. it's surprising that the population retains any sanity ..

Marty K.

Monday 3 August 2020

Killer TARRANT Jail Costs

Australian Mosque Killer BRENTON TARRANT who is overdue for sentencing for the murder of 51 and attempted murder of 40 more is currently expected by NZ's government to cost $3.6 MILLION in extra security facilities.

2019 'Cabinet Papers' state special security measures for the first two years will amount to $3.6 Million.

-  Ongoing Additional specific DAILY cost for his imprisonment is estimated at $4,932 every day.

Judging by the usual 'cost overruns' of government spending projects - I am expecting the actual costs to New Zealand tax payers will be more than DOUBLE that estimate.

It is impossible to balance these ongoing costs against the budget savings our Police Firearms Licensing Section made by sacking the previous efficient teams of testers and interviewers when they "centralised" and went "on-line" with the Firearms Licensing process.

How can anyone measure the awful trauma of these murders and the horrific injuries to hundreds of innocent victims and their families?

Neither Politicians nor Police Management should ever forget the date 
15 March 2019.

This killer's life should be promptly TERMINATED  by the State.

Marty K.

U S & NZ Gun Deaths Compared:

America is often used by the Gun Grabbers as an example of failed gun control .. U S Deaths compared:

Now if you are surprised about U S firearms death numbers approaching motor vehicle fatalities .. you need to note that 60% of gun deaths are SUICIDE - typically by white males with physical health issues - this strongly indicates to me the failings of the US health system in addressing ill health.

The U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that opioids were involved in more than 47,600 overdose deaths in 2017.

Both Opioids & motor vehicles each kill more U S residents annually than guns.

Now while each death is undoubtedly tragic .. please measure the significance of each of these roughly 40,000 annual losses against the yearly total of 60 Million DEATHS worldwide. 

New Zealand's records average 10 firearms homicides per year, but last year's ROAD DEATHS are 352 - while we average about 125 DROWNINGS every year.
- There were 23 'on farm' deaths of agricultural workers recorded for NZ in the last year.

So our career politicians decided they had to do something about GUNS ..

Time to act now.

Marty K.