Sunday 29 October 2023

The FIT & PROPER Excluded From Police Service:

 Here in New Zealand - If you manage to prove by your Police Record, - by your Medical History, - by providing multiple REFEREES who are prepared to vouch for your character .. and pay the Application Fees for a basic Licence PLUS another FEE for any ENDORSEMENT - plus install costly security measures in your home that may include TWO Approved & Certified SAFES - one for Firearms and another for ammunition - and an APPROVED Burgler Alarm Installation - plus pass inspection of your property as being of sound construction - and enrol as a Member of an Approved TARGET PISTOL CLUB, you may eventually be granted the issue for a limited period - of a FIREARMS LICENCE on the basis that the Licensing Authority accepts that you are a FIT & PROPER PERSON TO OWN A FIREARM.

However - your hard won & new found standing in Society NOW EXCLUDES YOU FROM EMPLOYMENT IN THE POLICE SERVICE.

- Being a FIT & PROPER PERSON excludes anyone from police service?

I stated this in my last blog - but nobody seems to have found this as extraordinary as I do:

An unnamed police employee recently expressed his interest in joining a Pistol Club BUT is instructed by his police senior heirarchy that their policy does not permit his continued employment if he becomes an endorsed pistol club shooter.

To me - this Police policy is a strong indication of the totally warped and corrupt thinking being imposed on our society by psychotic individuals risen temporally to positions of control while their mental processes are suffering a state of UNREALITY.

Is there any comment available from COLFO, SSANZ, PNZ or other representative organization?

Marty K.

Saturday 28 October 2023

Governments Are KILLING - While Citizens Are UNPROTECTED:

 Who has most influence on your life & future - your elected head of government or Billionaire Bill GATES, Elon MUSK, Jeff BEZOS .. and their ilk? - Or is it all the same Uniparty administration - Corporate-Capital Party v Corporate-Light. (what kind of animal is an ilk?)

LBC Radio London reports that British courts and Judges are being instructed NOT to sentence Rapists and Burglers with prison sentences as they have run-out of prison cell capacity. This instruction further requires all criminal trials to be put back to a future date as, again - THERE IS NO ROOM IN PRISON TO RESTRAIN CRIMINALS.

- At the same time .. this British administration is openly supporting the unlawful bombing to death of civilian Palestinians.

Here in New Zealand we must be close to arriving at this same judicial state - as recent years have seen a ban on any new build prisons or extensions .. this having to be coped-with by early release of prisoners and "HOME DETENTION" sentences using plastic bracelets.

An unnamed police employee recently expressed his interest in joining a Pistol Club BUT is instructed by his police senior heirarchy that their policy does not permit his continued employment as an endorsed pistol club shooter.

Right now Israel ..  "Gods Chosen People" seems hell-bent on slaughtering it's current enemy - not chosen by the jewish god - and America's god-fearing Forces appear to also want to join the killing as soon as possible. - Will the other Arabic & Islamic Nations stand back? - or will Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan plus the multiple Mujahideen groups with their rival gods leap to arms - It's anyone's guess .. BUT remember always that the Israelis have NUCLEAR WEAPONS as also do Pakistan, USA, Russia & China.

It is obvious that RATIONAL LOGIC requires any survivors to talk to each other eventually - but currently their 'belief' driven hate emotions are killing thousands ..

If you have a chosen god - now might be a good time to have a chat eh.

I'm grateful that New Zealand is hiding far down here in the Southern Pacific Ocean - and that back in 1976 I found a job here and a British Airways Boeing JumboJet clawed it's way into the grey wet skies above Heathrow with my wife & kids beside me - plus my tool box in the underfloor cargo hold. - A long flight to Auckland's old WW2 converted hanger Terminal, full of bare-footed children and sparrows. - Beautiful.


Have you long forgotten .. or did you ever know about the USS Liberty spy ship attacked by Israeli planes and navy in 1967 ? - They killed 34 US military personnel .. Unlike the so called Gulf of Tonkin Attack - this was a REAL military attack on a real U S vessel by a rogue nation - but America did not use it as an excuse to bomb Israel into hell, as they did Viet Nam three years earlier.

USS Liberty - Bombed to Scrap by Israel ..

Governments come and go - but the damage they do persists .. only until we forget.

Marty K.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Electric Ignition Of Gun Powder:

 Both Percussion Caps and Primers for cartridges are 'hi-tech' manufactured items that can be "controlled" by any authority seeking to limit access  / availability.

Even presuming good will from good government ... A nation such as New Zealand that chooses NOT to manufacture many modern items, will need to pay the raised price for IMPORTING - wharehousing and marketing ..

A notorious political assassination in Japan serves to illustrate than even in a repressed land - a determined killer managed to make his own gun and propellants .. plus an electronic ignition system .. link:

I understand the ignition system there involved using battery voltage to make steel-wool incandesce.

9 Volt Battery Gives Around 700 c To Steel Wool:

There have been a variety of electronic ignition fired arms invented commercially over the years but there are issues of dependability.
Using 'Superimposed' Rounds.

- This video shows an exploration of possible home assembled e-tech igniters for propellants ..

My current thoughts are that a fully 'HOME-MADE' repeat-use unit constructed from domestic resources might be assembled using "ferro-rods" or even parts from Bic lighters in a flintlock - wheel-lock type heat machine.

Marty K.

Friday 20 October 2023

Election Day - Cut-Off & Blacked-Out:

 There are MILLIONS of unnamed humans right now living in fear of death or worse .. 

- DEATH delivered by Governments .. not licensed firearms owners.

Governments that boast of their democratic legitimacy ..

- More than two million nameless Palestinian breathing, caring humans are trying to survive the horror of artillery shelling, bombs and rocket explosives while huddling in the darkness imposed by a government intent on depriving these poor families of everything they need to live ..  not to mention the ordinary folk of Ukraine.

Here in New Zealand ...

My cell-phone image of Election Day's lovely RAINBOW before the storm:

Election Saturday started windy & wet - laughing and chatting at the Polling Station - as I voted with twin ticks I recalled my most valuable "double-action" revolver - that I was forced by New Zealand legislation to auction for less than a quarter of it's worth. The wise & able will hang-on to their legally held arms.

That Nor-West Gale gusting 150-200 kph later cut all electric supply to my home for just 24 hours. - The good news was that the   black-out   meant I didn't have to listen to the purile political presenters report this farce of democracy as an exciting football game with free prizes for both winning team & losers.

No power, no Internet, no landline 'phone, (No licensed firearms either) - but the water supply flowed from the taps as the district pumping station used standby batteries. - Maybe a small taster of the cruel torture imposed on the people of GAZA. The roaring-thumping wind gusts tried to wipe away my fences, gates & sheds - adding a touch of destructive force to the dark night.

I cooked food on my log burner stove top, illuminated by a candle lantern and one small LED light - and brewed coffees at intervals for something to do ..

I had a Gurnard fillet fried in garlic-infused olive oil for breakfast - pan cooked by 'meths' on the wee spirit stove. Beautiful.

I don't buy 'coffee' but rather roasted beans - so I keep a hand-turned grinder near my Trangia 'Triangle' spirit stove. Having this gear at hand turns events into fun adventures. 

- Keep a full pantry ..

No-one can guess how bad things will be or how long difficulties will last .. but it is certain that our SOUTHERN ALPINE FAULT will let go one day soon, and the expected MAGNITUDE 8 earthquake will be highly disruptive.

I have enjoyed three shakes of magnitude 6 and 7 in recent years - and they were plenty scary and damaging for me and the cat.

Marty K.

Sunday 15 October 2023

Do It Yourself Shooting - The Old Fashioned Way:

 A frustrated shooting mate has been picking my brain for clues about Do-it-Yourself shooting 'materiel' - if the gun banners keep on with their campaigning to remove everything useful from the retail life support system.

PERCUSSION CAPS and PRIMERS seem to be truly problematic for home manufacture .. whereas projectiles are easy-ish to cast from lead at home - as long as you remember that molten lead is damn hot and that the fumes will give you lead poisoning . 

Don't drip sweat or beer into molten lead .. KAPOW.. Owh  !!!!!! 

-  Black-powder  antique propellant is simple chemistry mixing of 3 obtainable constituents Potassium Nitrate KNO3 - Charcoal, & Sulfer.

- My guess is that an average IQ combined with reasonable mechanical ability & hand-eye co-ordination is all it takes to weigh - mix - compress - dry and granulate gun powder SAFELY - using only non-ferrous spoons, containers and scoops etc ... most of which are in your kitchen already.

Darwinian Natural Selection will ensure that humanity will somewhat benefit from the home manufacture of  GUN-POWDE 

 Ignition  seems to be the main ISSUE to sort when black powder shooting.

The early 'originals' used a burning stick then graduated to a red hot poker followed by a really clever smouldering 'SLOW MATCH' of salpeter impregnated cord. - Then some true "smart-arse" devised ways of holding shaped FLINT in vice-jaws and spring-scraping it down a hard steel 'frizzen' face above the TOUCH HOLE.

FLINTLOCKS still work fine once you get used to their little foibles - but they are not that easy for smart phone addicts to learn ..

Percussion Caps & 'Primers'

A non-toxic primer composition suitable for use in rimfire ammunition comprising, by dry weight percentage, dinitrobenzofuroxan salt, as the only primary explosive, in the range 25 to less than 50%, an oxidising agent in the range 10 - 40%, and a friction agent in the range 10 - 40%, said composition being free from tetrazene.

A priming mixture comprises aluminium silicate as the sensitizer, advantageously in a percentage higher than 10%, not exceeding 30% and preferably included between 15% and 25%. Combined with said sensitizer, the-mixture may further comprises a potassium compound, preferably potassium nitrate.

Link to an interesting piece with much information about primer manufacture .. there are lots of questions and answers for the truly curious and persistant:

Useful Link:


Here's a challenge for an adventurous couple ... Rise at daybreak and both of you dress, each wearing ONLY a woolen blanket held by a length of string - shut the door behind you and stride bare-foot into the great outdoors. Make a kete basket to carry your foragings fruit and berries etc while hunting down a rabbit or two, or a few lizards, by throwing rocks ... you'll get better with practice eh. - Raw rabbit meat would be great tasting after a day or three of trying ... No 'Road-Kill" allowed.

What a wonderful exercise that would be for 'Gun Control' & pudendum expert  HERA COOK and Adjunct Associate Professor 'expert' about everything PHILIP ALPERS.

This academic-intellectual couple might be contained in a wild'n'wet Fiordland location by approved police methods and located after ten days by their fitted R/F ankle bracelets to appraise how successful their "armless" food harvesting and shelter building has been.

If at the first ten day inspection they seemed to be hungry they are to be supplied with a frozen Possum carcass - a real flint and steel striker fire making kit .. and the thirty page application forms for their Firearms Licences

- At a further ten day check they may be offered a pen to complete their firearms Licence Application Forms and - if eventually successful - be rented a flintlock or .22" rifle with five rounds.



The best kind of toy shops may stock imported toy caps .... for building home crafted percussion caps - punched from recycled aluminium soda cans ..

In olden times - matches could be found that were "Strike Anywhere" and contained White Phosphorus - which material might be extracted and used for ignition.

Wax Vesta matchworks, located in Dunedin made these until they were 'Banned' in 1911 for "safety reasons". Factory phosphorus residues likely resulted in an emergency call-out there as recently as 2022 ..

"Phossy Jaw" - Phosphorus  needs very careful handling as it is not only very inflammable ... but it is an invasive chemical in our bodies - as are many substances .. LINK:

- In the first world war - women munitions workers were soon called Canary Girls from contact with TNT.. Their skin and hair turned YELLOW, they suffered deadly toxic liver diseases - and had babies that arrived BRIGHT YELLOW at birth.

Don't get careless when using strange chemicals - especially stuff that can go BANG.

Marty K.

Tuesday 10 October 2023


Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, is a mental health condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. 

- Is this the time to be disarming law abiding citizens in our peaceful islands?

There are numerous 'HOTSPOTS'  burning with deadly murderous effect around the world - where advanced "Democratic" nations seem intent on slaughtering each other by every means and are viciously blowing up homes, hospitals and schools. - High Explosive rockets and "Suicide Drones" are screaming down from the skies to slaughter, macerate & vaporize the planet's young men, women and children in heartless attacks.

And our local venal administration claims that a list of gun serial numbers and owners details is the way to defend society from gangs of lawless predatory violent gang members.

Dream On.


Our Criminally Stupid Government 'leaders' intent on Banning Guns are the same morons spending BILLIONS on useless aircraft carrier killing machines that serve only as target practice for the new hypersonic missile systems. - Our British masters own TWO new Elizabeth class behemoths that are missing crews and have to share American aircraft. - This same Royal Navy has corroding worn-out nuclear submarines with ageing nuclear missiles ... they can't even fire them in anger unless America's military approve and turn their control keys !

This is public money wasted while essential services are left to collapse and fail.

This is not merely stupidity - it absolutely is INSANITY.


The Atomic Scientists DOOMSDAY CLOCK is set at the highest ever risk of annihilation - our world is close to self destructing .. and New Zealand is intent on stopping responsible citizens controlling feral pests and preventing the harvesting of wild foods - because they want to remove our means of survival and self defence.

Meanwhile we allow mentally sick, grasping Billionaire Oligarchs to piss all over the rest of us from their penthouses and to dictate government policy while plotting how to amass ever more wealth and power by depriving us of essentials.

We must totally reform our political system. 

DIRECT DEMOCRACY and a "Second House" CITIZENS ASSEMBLY are essential to end corruption and to direct some fairness into running our lives in ways that benefit ordinary folk rather than the greedy elites.

or you might watch some 'fruit-loop' bungie-jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge 50 times an hour ..

Marty K.

Sunday 8 October 2023

.357" ATOMIC Cartridge -A Mighty "Sign Of Those Times":

 Back in 1955 .. when many peasants were living in caves and eating boiled turnip for a treat - I was just starting my sentence at 'Grammar School'. With my 11 year old knees lurking beneath grey shorts as I arrived at the Jesuit's 'portico' by trolley bus in North London - Meanwhile, over in The Land of The Free .. Los Angeles California, some joker called Wilson was making Single Action Army Colt copies MADE IN AMERICA at Great Western Arms Company. (1954-64).

Yup, in between Colt's ending production in 1941 and Uberti etc getting to work from Italy - Great Western had a go building "Peacemakers" in the West. They were a bit rough at first - but got better (mostly) as they well needed to, when they then decided that the 357 Magnum wasn't powerful enough for real all American cowboys.

By heat treating their chromemoly steel cylinders to 36 Rockwell 'C' they managed to shoot uploaded 357 magnum charges safely (with a lighter bullet) and joined "THE ATOMIC AGE". 


Well - back then - nuclear science was the pinacle of woman's scientific achievement having ended WW2's death throes in the Pacific, - anything  "ATOMIC"  was all the go. - Down in New Mexico morons were scrabbling about the Alamogordo Bombing Range Trinity Test site collecting "Trinitite" radioactive fall-out fused sand glass to sell as souvenir jewelry - but much of it was buried on site by army bulldozers.

Where I grew-up in post-war London - there was lots of interesting stuff to be found on our BOMBSITES - but I think the cops took all the jewelry away before we kids got to it ..

TRINITY  Plutonium Implosion July 16 1945

The 357 ATOMIC cartridge didn't really 'fly' commercially for very long and did not receive full development as planned. They had meant to lengthen the cases by an eighth of an inch - but no such headstamped cases are known .. maybe they just overloaded commercial brass.

Years later in 1983, - Remington & Ruger did a more professional job of uprating the .357 Magnum cartridge when introducing the The .357 Remington MAXIMUM by lengthening the ordinary Magnum cartridge case by .31 inch. - The Maximum round performed well as a hunting and metallic silhouette loading BUT the high pressure gasses caused heavy FLAME-CUTTING & EROSION to the revolver top-straps and forcing cones. - You may still find some brass but the cartridges are no longer offered.

.38 Special - 357 Magnum - 357 MAXIMUM
- Don't ask me to shoot any of these heavy hitters .. or their big brother 44 Magnums - as I'm a wimp .. maybe even worse than that - I'm an OLD recoil-shy wimp ..

All credit is due to gun-writer John Taffin who must be 85 y.o by now and still shooting and writing from Idaho about his BIG-BORE SIXGUNS .. maybe he's got 'his people' to fire them for him ..

Hey John .. I thought you were writing a new book about SMALL-BORE Revolvers - did you go-off that idea?
- Terminated 1962 - from the same era as Great Western Arms.
Marty K.


Wednesday 4 October 2023

NZ Police 'SearchX' - Murder - Violence ..

 A short TWENTY-TWO YEARS ago America was rocked by two hi-jacked jet planes flying into "THE TWIN TOWERS" killing some 2,763 victims - '9/11' 

Folk have such poor recall of FACT ..

"THE North & South TWIN TOWERS" - the way media refer to this "Terrorist Attack" - were in fact, THREE TOWERS with Number 7 WORLD TRADE PLAZA - a 47 story tower block also totally destroyed & collapsing despite not being hit by these two aircraft .. And the PENTAGON BUILDING was also struck by a hijacked passenger aircraft ..

Yes I know the multiple "Conspiracy" stories & variations of who did what - lots of strange happenings eh. 

 90 % of thinking people understand that the TRUTH is being witheld.

- And 'THE TWO AIRCRAFT' were in fact FOUR passenger planes hi-jacked on that fatal day - American Airways 77 flew into the the West Facade of THE PENTAGON killing a further 189 people, - While United Airlines 93 was also hi-jacked and crashed into a Pennsylvania field killing all 44 people onboard.

You definately should not rely only on MEMORY of the headlines ..

Some folk might need to research-refresh this terrible day in history a little more - and question how this attack event led to America spending 728 Billion Dollars invading IRAQ and killing over ONE MILLION Iraqis - as a reprisal for '9/11" - which was carried out by terrorists from SAUDI ARABIA .. not IRAQ.

Further - consider this - November 22 this year is SIXTY YEARS since U S President Kennedy was assassinated by a murderous conspiracy of criminals, political rivals, Viet Nam warmongers and so-called "Intelligence" Departments of the U S  Administration. - Has 'JUSTICE' resulted for those killers?


Goverment at work .. Then of course there is UKRAINE - where some of the more recent casualty estimates are 500,000 Ukrainian Military DEATHS -- plus some 60,000 plus amputees. - Please can we stop now and negotiate some kind of settlement while the living may be able to rebuild a life in what remains. The unacceptable alternative is NUCLEAR ESCALATION..


Here at home in New Zealand we have wonderful things happening inside our Police Department .. where they have rolled-out the latest COMPUTER A I system with the catchy brand name SearchX - this new misdirection of public revenue is touted to link 
"an offender in city A with a person in city B who owns a black saloon vehicle" - thereby informing the responding officers that they need to be alert to possible risk.  ??

Naturally the shortage of sworn police officers and other resources means that the responding officers will be available some time within the following weeks to respond and log the complaint, and allocate it to a numbered file on the computer.

SearchX will entail registering & cross-linking DRUG DEALERS - DRIVE-BY GANG SHOOTERS - SHOPLIFTERS and RAM RAIDERS - with other KNOWN VIOLENT OFFENDERS and Fit & Proper LICENSED FIREARM OWNERS into one system 'of interest' to Police.

Conflating us, the VERY BEST, Most VETTED law abiding PEOPLE IN SOCIETY - with the LOWEST DREGS.

One difference is that we fit & proper law abiding shooters have to jump through hoops while paying increased license fees, in order to be grouped by police with the criminals

Marty K.

Sunday 1 October 2023

Propellants - GUNPowder - BLACKPowder ..

 From the land of Election political promises and other massive sewage leaks .. where little works as it should.

  At this time - here in New Zealand (and elsewhere similarly) licensed GUN OWNERS & shooters are starting to contact new restrictions and costs imposed by multiple amendments to The FIREARMS ACT - freshly applied by our new Te Tari Pureke Firearms Registry ..

Making 'HomeMade' PERCUSSION CAPS:

Buying or selling any firearm or major part by a FIT & PROPER PERSON is deemed to be a "triggering event" requiring all of your shooting tools to be freshly registered. - Your data is about to be fed into a new police A I system SearchX.

Too Hard to Import? - Make Your Own Grips:

Currently, licensed shooters may still purchase and keep cartridges at home, not much changed from normal - but new regulations are already in place, while yet more restrictions and penalties are planned.

As well as these new Firearms licensing & Permit regulations ... there are recently imposed new bans, and limitations on Import Regulations, -TRANSPORT - COURIER and STORAGE (Conditions-Security-Quantity-Location) - POSSESSION - & TRANSFER of LOCATION (for service/repair) plus new definitions regulating DANGEROUS GOODS & EXPLOSIVES etc outside of firearms regulations. - They've even stopped the importation and sale of Gun Books and Periodicals  .. when did you last find a Guns & Ammo or Handgunner magazine from America?

Importation of regulated items is being further restricted by EXPORT Limitations & LICENSES in the originating Nations.

Hand Making Coil Springs ..

If you are a HANDLOADER or BLACKPOWDER shooter you will already have noticed that consumable component prices have climbed and continue to rise sharply - while availability is dropping.

It's all going as if to some master plan ..

Modern 'SMOKELESS' PROPELLANTS may be currently classed as less dangerous for carriage - while 'BLACK POWDER' and substitutes are often rated as more explosive materials ... BUT these regulations are subject to ongoing review both internally and Internationally.

Shooters need to be aware that international containerised freight is regularly-normally carried between countries in the cargo holds of passenger aircraft but anything related to firearms is increasingly being prohibited on SAFETY GROUNDS and ANTI-TERRORIST PRECAUTIONS.


Bolt Springs for Single Action Colts:
The more determined and persistant few will have already worked-out that if you already maintain a small stock of essential items, you have less need to buy them at the elevated prices, - and if you can no longer readily import replacement SPRING SETS or some aftermarket GRIPS for your favorite shooter - you might investigate how to make custom springs out of PIANO WIRE & used hack-saw blades, and how to craft a nice set of grips from recycled Walnut furniture.

"Antique Propellant" gunpowder has a long history of independent home based manufacture from Potassium Nitrate, Charcoal, and Sulfer 75:15:10 by weight while the separate basic materials are unrestricted and fairly easy to find commercially. Saltpeter or  KNO is sold for meat preserving and for Tree Stump Remover - Charcoal for barbecues and Sulfer for gardeners adjusting soil chemistry etc.

It is totally practical to make your own CHARCOAL for gunpowder if you can't buy decent stuff locally. - One of the best kinds of tree for the very-best performing 'Blackpowder' is WILLOW. Cut branchlets smaller in diameter than your fingers and strip the bark. let these tree trimmings dry nicely in a sunny spot - then cut to length to fit into an empty paint can - fit the lid tightly and use a nail or punch to make a vent hole. Put your tin on a heat source (fire, barbecue) outside and gently cook it until all that steam & smoke stops blowing-out. You can light it if you want. - Once that smoke stops, remove from heat and drop your nail into the vent-hole to stop the hot charcoal inside getting enough air to ignite - let it cool and open-up ... ready to rock.

Willow Charcoal ..

There are plenty of instructional videos on the internet on how to safely make decent quality black-powder for shooting muzzleloaders and traditional brass cartridge loads.

Folks are making their own for simple convenience and for economic reasons.

There are even alternate formulations if black-powder becomes difficult. - Information is 'out there' to build "Grannies Red Powder" from saltpeter-sugar & rust powder AND there have been many versions of ASCORBIC ACID/ Potassium Nitrate GOLDEN POWDER & SCARLET POWDER.

These mixtures do work .. but are subject to absorbing moisture from the air over time - that reduces performance. - However, the wise will find that a sunny inside window sill makes a great air dryer once you shift the cat.

Naturally the more 'SAFETY' RESTRICTIONS any Government imposes, attempting to remove basic civil rights - the more dangerous events will occur. - The more difficult that they make it to be a legal law-abiding gun owner - the more guns will slip underground into criminal hands.

All gun owners know that it is NOT guns that are a problem ... it is the criminal nutters that need controlling.

If you fancy something informative to read while waiting for the legal wheels to grind forward .. Here's a good book that has held my attention a couple of times in recent years. A fascinating History of scientific discovery and progress:

Marty K.