Sunday 29 October 2023

The FIT & PROPER Excluded From Police Service:

 Here in New Zealand - If you manage to prove by your Police Record, - by your Medical History, - by providing multiple REFEREES who are prepared to vouch for your character .. and pay the Application Fees for a basic Licence PLUS another FEE for any ENDORSEMENT - plus install costly security measures in your home that may include TWO Approved & Certified SAFES - one for Firearms and another for ammunition - and an APPROVED Burgler Alarm Installation - plus pass inspection of your property as being of sound construction - and enrol as a Member of an Approved TARGET PISTOL CLUB, you may eventually be granted the issue for a limited period - of a FIREARMS LICENCE on the basis that the Licensing Authority accepts that you are a FIT & PROPER PERSON TO OWN A FIREARM.

However - your hard won & new found standing in Society NOW EXCLUDES YOU FROM EMPLOYMENT IN THE POLICE SERVICE.

- Being a FIT & PROPER PERSON excludes anyone from police service?

I stated this in my last blog - but nobody seems to have found this as extraordinary as I do:

An unnamed police employee recently expressed his interest in joining a Pistol Club BUT is instructed by his police senior heirarchy that their policy does not permit his continued employment if he becomes an endorsed pistol club shooter.

To me - this Police policy is a strong indication of the totally warped and corrupt thinking being imposed on our society by psychotic individuals risen temporally to positions of control while their mental processes are suffering a state of UNREALITY.

Is there any comment available from COLFO, SSANZ, PNZ or other representative organization?

Marty K.

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