Thursday 2 November 2023

The State Of Our State .. Security ?

 Radio NZ 'National' reports that a knife attacker in Auckland disabled his plastic bracelet FOR THE SIXTH TIME 90 minutes before he launched his day time nightmare knife attack on a dairy owner and his wife.

Yes, this vicious would-be killer was 'ON BAIL' since May and had "disconnected" his bracelet FIVE TIMES BEFORE .. but was still freely 'at large' to predate his law abiding neighbours. There is a little helpful news, - in that this nutter is no longer free to attack and slice the innocent - having "died in custody".


The first days of evidence from the Christchurch CORONIAL INQUIRY into BRENTON TARRANT's 2019 awful slaughter of Islamic New Zealanders are disclosing a seemingly unending list of gross MISFUNCTION, INACTION, DELAYS, POOR TRAINING, and CONFUSION on the day that TARRANT live video'd his racist murders - while YET-TO-COME is disclosure about how Australian Tarrant was negligently granted his NZ Firearms Licence AND Permits to buy BULK AMMUNITIONS.


We expect our elected Governments to manage the basic essentials of daily life. We pay TAXES to fund HEALTH CARE - EDUCATION - TRANSPORT SERVICES - SOCIAL CARE - EMERGENCY SERVICES & LAW ENFORCEMENT etc.

Are ANY of these essentials being properly resourced and provided for our families in this 21st Century New Zealand? - We ordinary folk ARE paying for them ..

HOW MANY KIWI VOTERS WANT our "leaders" to back ISRAEL'S right to defence and to destroy & invade GAZA killing tens of thousands of Semitic children & women ?

Israel / Palestine / GAZA is suffering massive deliberate EXPLOSIVE TERROR KILLINGS of innocent lives under the pretext of anti-terrorist action - while - so far - neighbouring States and armed groups are threatening to join this awful killing.

Will ISRAEL survive as an entity if/when a howling mob of invaders unleash their killing machines on cities and populations standing with the "IDF"?

WILL THE WORLD SURVIVE AN ESCALATION OF HATRED ? .. THERE ARE AN ESTIMATED 12,500 NUCLEAR WARHEADS distributed 'ready-to-use' around our planet and oceans ...

Meanwhile - at home in this beautiful country - our mismanaged and underfunded Police instruct that they will not employ anyone who they deem to be FIT & PROPER to use firearms in their police ranks ..

Is there any hope for the future?

Politicians are like babies diapers, they should be changed often and for the same reason.

 Mark Twain

Marty K.

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