Thursday 16 November 2023

d.i.y Novelty Nitro Ignition Stuff

 In the 1880's  - the owner of a billiard saloon in Colorado wrote to 'Hyatt' about the explosive nature of his artificial ivory billiard balls, - saying that he did not mind very much personally, but for the fact that every man in his saloon immediately pulled a gun at the sound.

These 'Hyatt' Billiard balls were made from a layer of camphorated nitrocellulose over a plaster core and when chipped by hard impact - the fragments could loudly self ignite. 

I just bought some FLASH PAPER over the internet - it burns brightly without residue - from a trader called Fruugo .. this wasn't expensive and I was curious as to would it arrive in NZ. It did.

Now I was thinking about building improved Blackpowder paper cartridges - as the usual nitrated paper definately leaves fragments in the revolver's chambers. 

"Flash Paper" as used by stage magicians is reckoned to be made from nitrocellulose. 

- Is this a good idea?

COMBUSTIBLE Paper Cartridge ..

Sam Colt started making self-contained Tinfoil cartridges for the Military around 1840 and later around 1850, for his own percussion revolvers.

The usual combustibles are built using NITRATED PAPER or ready packaged ZIG-ZAG papers

I'm going to make my next run using home nitrated 'coffee filter paper' thinking they'll look more authentic.
Coffee Paper-Filters - Saltpetre - and WET Flash Paper 
freshly Couriered from China (nitrocellulose):

Now I don't want to be a "Killjoy" but I seriously doubt that it's a good idea to wrap little parcels of 'antique propellant' in Nitrocellulose paper. That compound is known to auto-ignite if it degrades with time .. depending on it's purity .. Sure it might be OK but why take chances when others have already found issues?

Another overseas order I'm waiting for is some 'Prime-All'  RePriming Compound and a No.11 Percussion Cap Maker ordered from U S supplier SHARPSHOOTER ..

This may be another satisfying project for an old shooter eh ..
Marty K.

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