Thursday 9 November 2023

Any Second Chance? & Deer Culling Olden Times:

"The Last Great Adventure" this RNZ series looks to be great .. some real  "good old boys" talking about deer shooting & living in the NZ bush before, and post-war with a 303 rifle: .. link


In my time, Richard Davis was quiet the hero for developing SOFT BODY ARMOUR and more to the point, regarding New Zealand sporting activity - he was The show man who popularised Bowling Pin Training/Competition at our Pistol Clubs that made for so much laughter on range ..

One big issue with Bulls Eye target shooting is that it is so BORING for ordinary folk .. NOTHING to see while having to absorb much ear damage .. No fun at all. Just a few tiny holes in a piece of paper way too far away to see anything - whereas PIN SHOOTING is fast fun with drama and a whole bag of laughs when pins start spinning on the table and just refuse to go where they must.

The Table MUST Be Cleared:

In 1969 Rich Davis was a broke Pizza Shop owner in Detroit - when he received a suspect take-away order - he undertook the delivery himself - carrying his .22" Revolver to an unlit house where he faced-off three armed robbers - by starting with his revolver ready in hand under the pizza boxes ..

Richard used to joke that he beat two armed men in a gun-fight .. but unfortunately he was fighting THREE at the time. - He escaped and drove himself to hospital with two bleeding bullet wounds .. where he had time to think all about bullet proofing against the usual pistol rounds for himself and the cops.

There is now a recent movie about him called 2ND CHANCE that I'd like to see.

Davis was fairly late to the bullet resistant armour game, but was first to use KEVLAR fiber.

Historically - in 1538 an armorer in Milan was commissioned to make BULLET PROOF ARMOUR for The Duke of Urbino - and it seems to have worked fine against those old-time smoke poles.

There surely is nothing NEW under the sun ..

Davis started making body armour out of his home garage in the early seventies and started to sell them to American Police Departments when he demonstrated the vests by routinely shooting himself in the chest with police issued guns and ammunition. - That worked ..

New Zealand Police Display.

Both HARD armour and SOFT have their place in stopping incoming rounds - with many differing materials being tried .. SOFT protection generally is lighter and more comfortable to wear while relying on multiple layers of woven fibers to catch and deform the bullets from penetrating.

Rich Davis ran into BIG problems after his lightweight range of bullet resistant vests using ZYLON fiber was found to deteriorate from ambient heat & moisture when in use - and an officer died.

Bullet Proofing has been around for the Property Owning classes and their warriors for some 500 years - with current technology research looking to carbon based GRAPHENE and ARTIFICIAL SPIDER SILK fibers to lead protection into the 22nd century.


There will be NO "second chance" 

for New Zealand's LAWFUL GUN OWNERS

That's long gone.

"She'll-be-Right" apathy & refusal to unite has allowed the administrative focus on guns to grow ... while leaving criminal nutters to wander our towns wearing intimidating gang clothing selling their mind altering chemicals.

Ass Weapons
This entirely constructed fear of guns policy exists because the top 5% elite BILLIONAIRES who control life now - know that the only way they can lose power is by direct action. - They have changed business & tax laws so successfully to protect their wealth and power that now they have become mortal Gods extracting ever more from beneath their feet. - They now totally control finance, media, government policy and military power - but still some few individuals remain free.

NZ Police LIE about gun crime - now pretending that novelty butane torches are guns.

Shooting Folk I talk with are constantly relating incidents of police firearms staff exceding their authority and attempting to make restrictions NOT IN THE LAW ..

I wrote my first 'PRO-GUN' blog back in 2014, - trying to raise interest levels in combating the ANTI-GUN fear flooding our world.

Good Luck Guys,

Marty K.

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