Monday 13 November 2023

Ballistic Stuff & Old Colt Revolvers ..

Did you know that in 1944 America, under Roosevelt - top rate income tax was set at 94% - for every top dollar earned you got only 6 cents after tax ? - Check it out yourself 

NOW - I Googled "new ballistic technology" thinking I must be missing the latest developments .. but it seems that now is the time to despair -  as there isn't anything new out there. Full Stop. - But I did find these guys making their own bullet-proof Body Armour from cheap fibre-glass welding blankets & epoxy resin. Good Effort eh:


I'm fully aware that people can become soft in the head when aged .. this is a consideration if, like me - you were born during the second world war. - I have bought another collectable old Colt .. this one is a six inch barreled five shot 1849 percussion 'Pocket Pistol' - Now, in my defence, this antique cap-n-ball fivegun is a cheapish restoration-project-hobby investment, for fun. (Yes I'm still allowed to have fun.)

It was 'battered' dirty, rusty, & is inoperable .. had no front sight and looks to have been a "pow pow - you're dead" play-thing for generations of stupid boys. - So I bought it.

- Strange to say but the bore is in fair condition for an original 170 year old beater.

- well that bore is better than my other two .. It hasn't been scoured with a spinning wire brush. I'd love to see photos of an original unfired Colt's bore to compare the finish of the rifling.
Top Gun is the latest Antique 'new toy' displaying my current pick of Swanndri shirt a
 6 inch Pocket 1849, middle - 5 inch Pocket '49, bottom - 1861 New Model Navy' 

.. Just an observation but each of these grips is brown walnutty-colour with no sign at all of any original alkanet root RED stain eh - perhaps the 'red' just fades over years of abuse.

As bought .. the loading-lever CATCH was loose in it's 'dovetail' under the muzzle - this was readily fixed by peigning down the pouting lips of the dovetail cut with a small hammer. The silver plated brass bottom face of the grip back-strap had been beaten-in by use as a pole-axe .. so I annealed it, heating with a butane torch until the flame turned orangy (indicating it was starting to burn-off copper molecules) and knocked it back flat. - Interestingly the silver plating remnants hung on unmoved.
Every 'notch' records a hammering eh ..

 The missing Front Sight has now been reinstated with an over tall home-made length of 1/8 brass rod hand filed to step-down to 1/16th and fitted using the same wee hammer - and locked into place ..
Easy to remove 3 or 4 mm some time in the future (already done). My initial check shows the arbor/basepin is slightly bent up, - the loading lever is also a little forced - and the hammer's Hand pivot hole has broken through the sear face plus the 'nose' impact face is badly deformed. - Welding and re-shaping required - Oh that nice surface shine is some kitchen Canola Oil .. a perfect 'cheap-as' black powder lubricant, especially good for moist conditions.

- I'm loving it .. so tell me that Age Related Dementia /Alzheiners hasn't arrived? 
 Dementia is not a specific disease. It's an umbrella term that describes a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms affect people's ability to perform everyday activities on their own. The Mayo clinic says Common symptoms of dementia include:
    • A decline in memory, Changes in thinking skills
    • Poor judgment and reasoning skills
    • Decreased focus and attention, Changes in behavior
- Interesting Video from Mike of Duellists Den fitting new FRONT SIGHTS by cutting dovetails to 1851 Colt replica barrels :

Marty K.

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