Monday 6 November 2023

Primer Therapy for D I Yers:

 Making PRIMERS and Percussion Caps close to home .. If retail supply is denied or BANNED:

If you qualify as a paranoid thinker .. you might find interest in reading about HOW primers and 'percussion caps' are being home-made in America and other lands - Those citizens consider they are already - or might in future times - be stopped from exercising their CIVIL RIGHTS.

"Just because you are PARANOID doesn't mean that you are WRONG"

There’s no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true any moment 

—Hunter S Thompson - This Journalist-Writer guy is worth Googling ..

- If you call yourself "a shooter" you'll likely have knowlege of "Reloading" or 'Hand-Loading' cartridges .. perhaps even extending to muzzle-loading flint-locks and 'percussion' Black Powder firearms ..  The dark art of making your own ammunition is FUN & reduces costs while opening a window onto building a variety of specials-for-fun .. you might fancy lightly loaded 'Gallery Target Loads' that go clap instead of *BOOM* .. 'Shot-Loads' perhaps or "Buck'n'Ball".

- Should you ever contact somebody who worries that they might become mentally-constipated & lose their intellectual diversity if they stuff their head with too much information - please do your best to send them on their way and assure them that they are 100% correct. - their intellect IS at risk of overload .. 

- Were you to load TWO lead balls into a muzzleloader .. the NZ Police having declared 'Duplex Cartridge Loads' to be "unlawful" - are you at risk of being prosecuted or of losing your costly payments to procure a Firearms Licence ? - Answers Please, written on the labels of  SEALED bottles of 'Single Malt' or IRISH WHISKEY sent by Courier.

That's a link to a great article:

You can make your own 'Paper Cartridges' for muzzleloaders - Mix-up your own brand of Antique Propellant gun-powder .. cast your own bullets or balls .. even knap your own FLINTS from beach found Quartz, Chert, Agates and Jaspar ... but building your own caps or primers is going to take determination, hand-eye co-ordination, and patience. BUT IT CAN BE DONE.

"Stuffed & Stuck" .454 inch Fag Paper Cartridges:

THE AUTHORITIES can (& will if we let them) BAN all sorts of product & substances - but they haven't yet worked-out how to ban knowlege .. nor banned the chipping of rocks ..

IF IT SCRATCHES Window Glass .. It's HARD
Hard enough for a Flintlock?
We homo sapiens sapiens can all LEARN some chemistry - after all - if you can COOK a meal you have already learned some survival chemistry - particularly if you first started by shooting your own rabbit or goat ..

The chemicals needed to combine into "priming compounds" are of themselves - NOT dangerous .. but once mixed, care needs to be exercised. (and don't go eating any powdered glass but)

- Link to 'PRIME-ALL' supplier based in U S:

- Link to diy H-48 priming compound video ..

- More to come ..

If you're yearning for knowledge - this is good reading too ..

Just trying to be helpful

Life is good eh

Marty K.

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