Tuesday 29 August 2023

Bird Brains Control Gun Laws:

- If you're into firearm antiques - here's a site with more than a few guns to sight


I'm a slow thinker but just today I realized that our politicians are much like hens .. They'll run together like a flock to be rewarded - they'll fight viciously over what they can find in a dung-heap - they are at their most productive when straining in a dark space - and they'll squabble endlessly over who gets to sit highest on the perch.

Both chooks & pollies are cunning & devious with controlling communication skills - according to thankchickens.com their IQ is around 30-40 ... I've worked alongside guys here dimmer than that. - One at-work coupling had an animated smoko chat about "last nights game" for ten minutes before realization dawned that one was crowing about a game of cricket while 'tuther was ooing and ahhing about the 'footie'. - Imagine trying to achieve the bosses KPIs with such bird-brained staff that they employed ..

- Thinking about that - reminds me again of an advert NZ Police ran locally years ago for Firearms Office staff - where they stated that they sought new employees having NO experience from working with firearms, and who were NOT licensed gun owners or sporting shooters.

THAT is what my old Dad would have called "WILFUL IGNORANCE".

I guess that NZ Police Service Heirarchy will already be planning their further 'COVER-UP' responses to what-ever the Christchurch CORONIAL INQUEST concludes regarding how culpable they are for the deaths of the 51 Islamic innocents bloodily slain by BRENTON TARRANT. - I note that something often overlooked is the FOURTY other VICTIMS who survived their awful wounds.

- Their POLICE officers issuing his Firearms Licence were grossly negligent of  properly examining his character referees.

Police established their 'new' "SEPARATE" Te Tari Pureke FIREARMS REGISTER in response to The Royal Commission findings that were strongly critical of Police ... but this register is neither new nor separate - being merely a re-hashed Te Reo homage of the earlier failed gun register abandoned in 1983 .. managed by sworn police old hacks to re-enforce a confusion of paper regulations specifically expected to spread despair and loss of any hope, of continuing to be a lawful shooter.

This nonsense confetti of prohibitive laws that proscribe the lawful ownership of guns by fit and proper New Zealanders, will grow and grow in stupidity UNTIL KIWI SHOOTERS FIND SOME BALLS AND REFUSE TO BE FURTHER TRODDEN-ON BY IGNORANT CORRUPT CAREER POLITICIANS & THE FAILED NZ POLICE HEIRARCHY.

If we were setting the regulations for the design & safety of say hydraulic powered excavation machinery - or for the storage & delivery of natural Gas for heating etc. - we would NOT leave it to members of a political party to formulate ... but rather we would engage experienced knowledgable users and 'organizations' to do the job properly.

With NZ yearly 'GUN DEATHS' averaging 10 or 11 - while 73 workers are killed every year by incidents while employed - which loss of life is SEVEN times more tragic and more in need of legislation than the other?

Marty K.

Sunday 27 August 2023

An Old Twist On Barrels:

There are many 'Twists & Turns' around the development of our modern firearm's technology.

I think that one "key" to the proper use of guns is to be aware of VARIABILITY.

I sometimes see jokers trying-out their new guns on a piece of land, loosely aiming at a tree stump or clod of dirt while burning their ammo, to happily make as much noise as fast as they can - FUN FUN FUN but completely useless to sort-out how accurate or precise or how well adjusted is the point of impact. 

- Thinking about that - reminds me of an advert NZ Police ran locally years ago for Firearms Office staff - where they stated that they sought new employees having NO experience from working with firearms, and who were NOT licensed gun owners or sporting shooters.

THAT is what my old Dad would have called "WILFUL IGNORANCE".

Anyway,  The TWIST RATE of rifling can determine accuracy down range and needs to be set at the manufacture to suite caliber, internal pressures and velocity. There are known formulas for calculating rifling twist rates that - like the police - I am totally ignorant of - but if someone would like to write a piece about it I'll happily put it out on here - Meanwhile I do know that in the olden days some gunmakers used progressive rifling or "GAIN twist" rifling where they machined their grooves into the barrels starting parallel to the bore and slowly introducing a twist or spin for the ball or bullet close to the muzzle end. Effectively this will reduce the friction resisting forward acceleration and will also reduce any tendency for the projectile to STRIP or jump it's grip on the rifle grooves.

There are many different forms of rifling (variables) - for starters there is lefthand twist and righthand twist - I'm not even sure which is which! - Indeed Not all gun bores are ROUND as there have been other bores such as SQUARE, - OVAL, - STAR, and even HEART shaped rifle bores ...
A Flintlock Rifle from 1765

Now I didn't plan to write that, - I was going to scribble about 'DAMASCUS' twist steel use for gun barrels - and about "screw barrel" or 'Turn-off ' barreled pistols ..

So 'Damascus' steel is sometimes called "TWIST BARREL" and is actually a blending of hard steel with tough iron - repeatedly folded and twisted together while red hot and HAMMER WELDED into one mass. Barrels made using this technique can have interesting patterning when finished by acid etching and craftsmen developed a complex range of patterns ..
Someone could write a book about the variety and beauty of these Damascus guns - but moi - I don't know enough about them .. other than that I have one such antique two barrelled percussion pistol:

WARNING: These old Damascus barreled guns MUST NOT be fired with modern Nitro Smokeless Powder - they are not as strong as modern chrome-moly ORDNANCE steel and will blow-up destructively.
Belgian Liege proofed (1850 ish) Percussion Two Barrel Turn-Off Pistol 
Marked 'FT' for Gunmaker 'Falisse & Trapmann':

- this is a "Screw Barrel" or Turn-Off"  barrel gun ..

These "Turn-Off" pistols were all-the go in Europe for a couple of hundred years - both made as flintlock then percussion lock .. Because they were easy to load, carry, and use.
When you turned-off the barrel - you exposed an elongated chamber that was ready waiting to be filled with pistol powder and couldn't be overcharged .. NO MEASURING - next you placed a bore sized ball into the chamber on top of the propellant & screwed the barrel back into place .. CAP IT, Cock it and "Bob's your Uncle".

Turn-Off Pistols as an every day carry - were more efficient and compact than others - as screwing down the barrel onto the ball would compress the powder charge to improve velocities - that in turn meant the barrel needn't be so long.
- Your normal muzzle-loaded black powder gun can be 'Double Charged' and blown-up if your mind is not on the job ... which would certainly be the case if the Zulus or Apache Warriors were charging at you to defend their homeland from invading colonist Slavemasters.

Note"Bob's Your Uncle" The origins are uncertain, but a common theory is that the expression arose after Conservative Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury ("Bob") appointed his nephew Arthur Balfour as Chief Secretary for Ireland in 1887, an act of nepotism, which was apparently both surprising and unpopular. Whatever other qualifications Balfour might have had, "Bob's your uncle" was seen as the conclusive one.

There is a long record of corruption, nepotism, and venal GREED common among our top table of aristocrats, royals, religious shepherds, & democratically elected leaders .. maybe one day we will accidently discover that DIRECT DEMOCRACY as cherished by the well-armed Swiss populous for centuries, works MUCH better.

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" - Mao Zedong 1938.

Going back to this gun's barrels - from the below image, from above ..
REGULATED: The truly observant might notice that the barrels ARE NOT PARALLEL - but rather have been turned by the Liege gunmaker to impact coincidently at the projected short range defensive point when used "mano-a-mano".
- Classy eh

Now I know some of you will be getting O/D'd on "old guns" but if you're still awake - here's a link to video with some true enthusiasts trying-out their NEW gun with single Balls, Birdshot, Buck'n'ball, and double balls loads ..

Marty K.

Monday 21 August 2023

Real Colts, Fake Treasures & Fraudsters:

My Antique Colt 1861 .36" Caliber 'New Model' Navy Revolver:
"It's MINE .. My Precious .. Gollum Gollum ..."

A FAKE 'OMEGA' watch sold recently for $3 Million at auction ... when questions were asked a full refund had to be made.

- R L 'Larry' WILSON was a Colt Revolver Expert, - was a well known U S writer, appraiser, valuer & authenticator - he was also a crooked dealer who took many millions for himself (and others).

BUT you ain't heard nuttin yet ... Oil zillionaire Saudi Crown Prince Mohammid Bin Salman thought he was a Goodlike figure sitting on his yacht admiring Leonardo da Vinci's 'SALVATOR MUNDI' painting - that he had paid $450 MILLION for (Not for the yacht - the painting) -  but then the London National Art Gallery was found to have misrepresented a fake as real ... 

But don't worry your head about him, as no-one knows where the picture has gone to now .. He is the same princely bloke who admits he was responsible for assassinating and chopping-up - on tape - into small pieces, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in their embassy in Turkey 2 October 2018.

Looks like such a nice bloke too ... 
He is of course head of the planet's most powerful & wealthy family
- Yeah.

- So, back to my antique 1861 Colt Navy Percussion Revolver - 
This old thing is in crap used condition - as you might anticipate for a hard worked neglected multi-owner 160 year old "Charcoal Burner" from the squelchy New Zealand bush - much as you'd expect really - No rare inspection marks (nor tally notches). The rifled bore is a dark pitted sewer pipe - and it's been rescratched / reblued by a butcher sometime. If you take off the "Grips" there are traces of the original silver plating inside the brass back-strap & trigger guard. You can smell the history.

- I think that they made around 38,000 of this "new model" but how many survive? - and while I'd be sure there are some lovely engraved boxed collectors examples around - If you paid tens of thousands of INVESTMENT dollars for an AS NEW described sixshooter ... are you SURE that the engraving is original? - Is that cap tin genuine or a wrong repro? Is the felt lined box genuine Colts or a Dealer's presentation?

- Actually I reckon that Uberti and Pietta make mighty fine Colt look-alike shooters for a tenth of the price and they work great with a little tuning.

- Mind you - one of my favorite watches to wear is a Chinese Baltany quartz "Homage" to an early 1932 Rolex - it looks great and it works great and it cost peanuts ..

Marty K.

Link to the TRUTH about "Expert" R L Wilson and Colts ..

Friday 18 August 2023

The BEST Shooting Pistol:

My Glock G 19x is the sweetest shooting auto I've owned and is the one gun I will miss the most.


- Well, in all fairness to the others - maybe it just fit my hands and trigger reach the best while it's barrel length is a good match to 9 MM ballistics - and the standard Tritium sights were very visible and clear to work.

No blued steel or burr wallnut stocks - but they build them superbly functional in Austria .. When I was the NZ Factory Agent back in the 90's I would gather an on-range club crowd by dropping my G17 onto the concrete and whacking the gun repeatedly with a lump hammer .. then I'd ask "Has anyone got a Smith & Wesson or Colt I can try that on?"

 - The concrete would chip a bit sometimes, but the pistol would be fine and unmarked..

Before you ask ... The reason I no longer represent Glock here is - that the moment I secured the NZ Police purchase agreement - the Glock Asia & Pacific, Hong Kong based Sales Director Max Westwater appointed two new local NZ dealers and told me that, as I was no longer sole agent for NZ he would keep my commission for himself. ..

The ignorant Wellington Cop-In-Charge - one Inspector Taffy Jones, had stated right from the start "NO WAY ARE MY POLICE GOING TO USE PLASTIC GUNS." - so it had been hard work persuading them to even take a look or to test the Glock 17. 

- I had need to get the Police Minister to TWICE order Police to accept the Glock for trials and then I learned that "someone" had instructed the Police Armourer to lock the sample gun into a metal cabinet and not to open it until the trials and selection had ended. - So back to the Police Minister again to have the best pistol unlocked, extracted and included in the selection trials - History eh. - Much stress and expense for me - all for no reward either.

It was around this time - a little earlier, when an Australian Army Major locked-on to the trigger of the full-auto Glock 18 we were demonstrating in the A C T Canberra Commonwealth Police underground range - and showered all there with concrete spall blasted from the roof and ricocheting brass & lead .. "Professionals" eh - they know how to use guns safely for our security eh ..


Strange to say - but my favorite shooting revolver is not my much loved and versatile Ruger SP101 in 327 Fed Mag - but my old Webley MkIV 'Top-Break' 38-200 four inch Brit that was so comfortable and easy to use and to re-load .. Effective too -  despite being 'outdated' even when that caliber was adopted back in 1922..

There are some fine beautifully made firearms that I've owned - but I reckon the biggest test is - which gun goes to the range and gets shot most often determines THE one.

Marty K.

Tuesday 15 August 2023

Killer TARRANT - The MOST IMPORTANT Coronial Inquest:



Link to relevant Justice Dept. Website:


How many representative Officers of your shooting organization will be attending?

COLFO, SSANZ, NZAAA, Deer Stalkers, Pistol NZ, etc.

The Coroner has said ..

"In assessing Mr Tarrant’s acquisition of the firearms, ammunition and other equipment used in the attack, I am satisfied this issue is relevant to the cause or circumstances of the 51 deaths, is not too remote, and is otherwise an appropriate issue for a coronial inquiry to examine."


SCOPE (c) The process by which Mr Tarrant acquired a firearms licence, whether the licence can be linked to the attack, and whether any identified deficiencies in that process have now been addressed by way of legislative amendments or process changes.


The Royal Commission was critical of a number of aspects of the Police process. Firstly, it was critical of the Police’s failure to interview a near relative.128 Secondly, it concluded that the gaming friend was not an appropriate referee due to his “episodic” relationship with Mr Tarrant and the fact a detailed examination of the relationship between he and Mr Tarrant was not undertaken.129 Thirdly, the relationship between the gaming friend’s parent, the second referee, and Mr Tarrant was too limited for that person to have served as a referee.130 This meant there were serious deficiencies in the way Mr Tarrant’s application was dealt with. 

Marty K.

Saturday 12 August 2023

Pushing It Up Hill With DISINFORMATION:

 It is currently fashionable for 'Media' profesionals to complain about DISINFORMATION  & MISINFORMATION in the "Social Media"  .. both involve FALSE information - but Disinformation is Deliberate falsehood.

- Now I'm not saying that sites such as 'QAnon' don't exist and aren't pushing strange baseless lies - but that a reasonable discriminatory IQ will dismiss them into the same trash-bin as theist religion, devil worship - tooth fairies & the flat earthers.

In my experience - the biggest user of DISINFORMATION here is Government - and their enforcement hierarchy in the Police Service. 

Naturally Government employees & spokespersons will try to justify their policies and their spending of OUR money by selectively fact-picking and advertising the positive aspects, while ignoring & hiding the down sides. - They are advised and trained by marketing psychology professionals.

NZ Police since March 2019 have actively tried to disguise their negligence when licensing the murderer BRENTON TARRANT - by blaming we lawful FIT & PROPER gun owners for this killer's hate filled slaughter and for us allowing our legal firearms to be stolen and cached by criminal Gang members. - FACT: Police are meant to prevent burglery from our homes - and Police should have checked BRENTON  TARRANT's claimed NZ referees and rejected his licence application.

There's such a thing (granted - a 'Non-P C' thing) as "Pushing sh#t up hill." - unless you live in Britain where you just drain it into the rivers & sea.

You'd be pushing it up hill to use a 45:70 for rabbit control...  - just like you'd not take that much-loved old two-two single shot to hunt Siberian tigers.

Any last thoughts?
(Gawd - I bet his Dental bills are high .......)

Our Labour Government here in NZ have been listening to their failed senior police mismanagement and have introduced hundreds of new laws that restrict the activity of legally licensed Fit & Proper Persons, exercising their civil rights & enjoying the outdoors by harvesting wild foods and protecting our native bush from pests.

Political claims that regulating the LAW ABIDING will prevent criminal nutters or terrorists from killing with guns is both DISINFORMATION classic PUSHING SH#T UP HILL.


These PROHIBITIVE laws divert police resources from CRIME FIGHTING
 and ENDANGER LAWFUL FIRE-ARMS OWNERS by providing a shopping list register to Gangs, 
- while certainly diverting hidden firearms onto the dark underground market.

What sensible gun owner is going to give Te Tari Pureke register details of their valuable shooting tools - when they have ALREADY leaked critical information about licensed firearms owners IN THE FIRST MONTH OF OPERATING ?

- Our "leaders" hold-up their aspirational fantasies as some bright rainbow while pocketing the salaries that WE pay for ..

- So, THERE we are. Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa (Police) lie about legal guns, - LABOUR want this REGISTER ... NATIONAL say that they support the register.
- While act say they will cancel it ..

Sadly I opine that everyone here is pushing IT up hill - while our shooters organizations do nothing.

- What these Parliamentarian leaders seem to be suggesting is that THEY, and the rest of kiwis, are too unstable, irresponsible and untrustworthy to be allowed access to sporting firearms without costly punitive laws policed by a gang of UNLICENCED enforcers equiped with automatic weaponry and volumes of futile restrictions - But they claim themselves to be suitable to guide our Nation through complex affairs and critical issues. 

Marty K.

Wednesday 9 August 2023

BALLISTOL - What Is It? ..

 You want to control and maintain your guns?

C&Rsenal have an extensive collection of great firearms related videos on YouTube - When you watch these, Othais plugs sponsors  BALLISTOL "miracle oil" and their range of lubricants & cleaners -  because it IS useful stuff. - THIS made me curious as I already discovered than many expensive CLP 'Gun Oils' are just fancy cans of perfumed ordinary kitchen Canola VEGETABLE OIL.

'Canola' is vegetable RAPE SEED OIL that was used as a lubricant for steam driven marine engines. They wanted to keep on selling it profitably after the war so they made it into "food" for the peasants.

So, what is 'BALLISTOL' ? - They started making it back in 1904 in Germany as a general purpose oil that could be used BOTH for treating skin wounds in the trenches and for oiling guns.
"A little Dab will do ya" or "Splash it all over" ?

- There is a manufactured petroleum distillate product LIQUID PARAFFIN that used to be widely downed by the spoonful as a laxative - sold to mums with young children having hard poo stools from being fed a crap modern western diet. - EAT YOUR GREENS.

- Don't confuse LIQUID PARAFFIN with KEROSENE that we British call "paraffin".

BALLISTOL is Liquid Paraffin with some added detergents* Potasium Oleate and Ammonium Oleate plus a little alcohol to help blend it all in. Full Stop

The containers cost more than the contents.

Those detergents are great because as well as helping to CLEAN ... they are Alkaline which means that they help neutralise ACIDS resulting from firing gunpowder antique propellant.



* Some folk use Ballistol as a patch lubricant ... What also "tickled my fancy" here is some wise persons use diluted Dish Washing Detergent as a Black Powder PATCH lubricant - THIS ALSO WORKS50:50 with Water. - Link to a great Video:


- The secret to riches ... find something that does something and Market It - make it your own pathway to paradise. - Ideally mix it with WATER then sell it.

So what would happen if you bought a wee bottle of liquid paraffin from the chemists - added a big squirt of washing-up liquid and a splash of the alcohol of your choice?? - Shake it up with a bit of tap water if you fancy and what have you got? (BALLISTOOL?) - Just saying eh.

GUN OIL or Canola Oil??? ... Link:


Marty K.

Sunday 6 August 2023

Whaat? Smokey Old MICE GUNS slinging lead:

 I'm not sure that I understand Heisenberg's  'Uncertainty Principle' ... but I reckon that the Gravitons are hiding from us - as they think we won't measure-up if we get our hands on them .. Can you string along with that? There is a great video explaining this "stuff" ..


That shows us all about "CWANTUM FIZZICKS" ...


Science fact is fact - but there REALLY IS a load of old bollocks out there about just about any subject you can think of .. especially guns.

We all need to practice Critical Thinking and judgement based on knowledge.

Over & over I hear some "Reporter" talking garbage on a topic they know NOTHING about - or I read a story by an "expert" who just seems to be repeating something she read online that itself was just copied from somebody else who's mate told her it was a fact back in the '90's' when she was on a boy's night-out.

There are so many 'Gun Control" experts who know NOTHING about guns or shooting them - other than "movie" nonsense they saw when they were a kid.

- One retired joker I know who has NEVER held a gun in his whole life - refuses to touch one because they are EVIL works of the devil .. but despite that he eats killed meat and approves of armed police and trained military killers.

- Another example is when "Crime Reporters" (some new kid who's uncle owns the business) talks about firearms CARTRIDGES as being "bullets" ..

Yes - Well, just maybe - "Bigger is Better" in general terms - but a bigger more powerful firearm is absolutely heavier to carry - louder & more painful to shoot, more expensive to use, and likely much more difficult to hit the target with - which is what the point of having a gun is all about .. HITTING only THE INTENDED TARGET. 

In the 1800's - before anyone thought of Ballistic Gelatin - they used penetration of pine boards to compare ballistic performance ..

"The first frontiersmen back in the 1840's looked at the 48 grain round ball and 14 grain powder charge normal for a Baby Dragoon (We class these with Colt Model 1849) and maybe thought, “Give up my Bowie knife for that? Yeah, right.” But - the tiny .31 surprised us in actual tests. From 15 feet, that charge of Swiss FFFg blackpowder pushed the 48 grain .323″ diameter ball to 760 fps. It also lodged in the third pine board. Maybe - just maybe, a card table could stop that one, but I wouldn’t count on it.  - And neither should you."

Any Deformable "Soft:" Lead Ball That can Penetrate Three Inches of Timber
 Is Going To Cause Life Threatening Damage.

Soft Lead used to cast round ball 'bullets' is still BLOODY HARD in reality - and it is HEAVY. - Pure lead is well suited as a ballistic projectile. - It's density gives it MASS and more mass means more 'kinetic energy'. - But consider this ... More energy is desireable ONLY SO FAR AS IT DELIVERS IN THE TARGET - If it misses the target that is a FAIL and if it penetrates through the target and carries on wastefully down range - that is another fail .. a DANGEROUS failure too. Not every target has a 'backstop'.

Any lead ball flying at around 1-500 + feet per second can be fatal. - Typical black powder pistol velocities range 500-800 fps.
Lead Roman Sling Bullets Dug-up in Scotland

A quote * - Just to prove that I am totally wrong ..."That winter (1881) I got lung fever and nearly died coughing. I coughed up a small bullet that was shot into me in 1880, and after that I soon got well
... I always carried a gun because it was the only way I knew how to fight. As Pier La Grange used to say, "If God Almighty'd intended me to fight like a dog, he'd have given me long teeth and claws."
- Face it - Two thousand years ago Roman warriors threw lead slingshot projectiles at their victims because they killed.

I can draw your attention to a technical tale written by Mike Venturino, someone who does know plenty about shooting ..

- I always get a laugh from knowing that the old 31 Calibers were actually "32s" - the 36 Calibers were actually "38's"  and our current "38"s are really .35"s - while today's 44 MAGNUM bullets are factually .429 inch caliber.
- It gets even more ridiculous reading that modern "32"s are weak underpowered mouseguns - when they measure exactly the same diameter as a "DEADLY" Russian AK47 bullet, and those old British  303 rounds of two world wars that harvested many thousands of Red Deer for decades in New Zealands bush.

.. "All piss and wind"? .. Obviously NOT - but the 44 Magnum gets it's *POWER* from high pressures and velocities, not it's .429" size.

* The excellent book quoted is 'WE POINTED THEM NORTH' by E C 'Teddy Blue' Abbot - I recommend it to those of you who can read ..

- Actually ... for any of you seriously open to "BOOK LARNING" - I go back time & again to a superb paperback reprint 'GUNS ON THE EARLY FRONTIERS' by Carl P Russell
Full of facts and stories - Even the chapter notes are brilliant reading.

Marty K.

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Are YOU Awake? - Got A Steady Hand?

 - Are you AWARE .. ? 

It is likely that you are - otherwise you wouldn't be concerned about firearms ownership & control in New Zealand. 

Are you awake to the risk that we are living under HERE & NOW in our world .. We have a controlling elite of Billionaires in America & UK throwing everything they've got at Russia, in Ukraine.

They even blew-up a gas pipeline supplying energy to their own NATO ally GERMANY ..

THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND plus young Ukrainian soldiers are dead and rotting in the black soil of the disputed land 

- while Russia is building-up to field 1.2 Million Troops against them - and NATO and USA are running-out of conventional weapons & are now talking about using long range missiles and "tactical nuclear weapons".

Russia has an estimated 5,977 NUCLEAR WARHEADS and is nervously watching "Sleepy" Joe Biden's finger hovering over the RED BUTTON to end the world as we know it.

- When a missile lifts-off into the sky - NOBODY can tell if it has an "ordinary explosive" warhead - or a "Tactical" NUCLEAR WEAPON (H-BOMB) - or if it has multiple full power nuclear warheads heading to destroy Moscow and the world.

Do YOU have food reserves - Do you have water reserves for your family?

Do you have IODINE tablets - Do you have a RADIATION DETECTOR?

Do you even have some candles and warm clothing and do you still have the means of protecting your family?

- Just saying ..

Marty K.