Sunday 25 June 2023

Have We Got The GUN Numbers?

 - Will our schools have to provide separate litter trays for transgender-trans-species pupils or might transfurry/felis-catus be reasonably expected to go next door outside the fenceline?

Any endorsed licence holders will now have to give 'Te Tari Pureke' all serial numbers and whatever other information they require. - They state that while Police already have this information .. police will NOT be transferring it to Te Tari Pureke Firearms Registry. - Why? - My guess would be because it is so out of date and hopelessly inaccurate as to be worthless.

The act party says it will cancel this "Firearms Safety" GUN REGISTER if they have the numbers after this upcoming ELECTION ..

It can be difficult to 'get things in perspective' - as we do seem to be fed a whole lot of bullshit by authorities and media sources ..


NZ's MURDER RATE for 2019 was 2.63 per 100K head of populatiom - an awful increase of 254% over 2017 figures.

That is a very bad statistic - but everything changes when we recall that in March of that year murdering bastard BRENTON TARRANT shot dead 51 islamic innocents in Christchurch.

But for a comparison - the MURDER RATE in Trinidad & Tobago that year was 15 times greater than NZ at 38.57 per 100K.

Then again, consider that in 2022 there were 38,574 deaths from all causes recorded in NZ 

- We are all going to die. - about 60 Million worldwide EVERY year.

BIG numbers eh but no surprises really as Al Jazeera says 529 Million people out there have diabetes.


Here's another figure to remember - New Zealand is wasting FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS + PER DAY keeping that scum Tarrant alive in special security.

Please use your vote carefully - and think about WHY we let these career pollies make important decisions for us - rather than having a system where WE decide the laws by Referendum.

Marty K.

Thursday 22 June 2023


Did you know that it is NOT COMPULSORY for adults to wear bicycle helmets in UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, USA etc. etc.

Do you know that cycling head injuries have INCREASED in NZ since Government forced us to wear bike helmets?

FANTASYpleasant situation that you enjoy thinking about but is unlikely to happen, or the activity of imagining things:

21st Century Western Governments - including New Zealand's - seem to be run by venal morons living in a totally corrupt unrealistic fantasy world of lies.


Please explain HOW building a TEN MILLION DOLLAR computer list of serial numbers stamped onto firearms will effect any reduction in criminal use of unregistered guns.

To me - this list will be totally useless - as is increasing temporary police presence in a district AFTER a retail crime has occurred.



What a brain: Whitney Webb ..

Young Whitney also correctly opines that these guys don't actually run opposing philosophies - they are merely competing predators fighting over who gets the biggest lump of meat.

Why do we appoint these power hungry elitist people to control our future?


Is NZ short of TEACHERS? - if so - WHY is one of our universities ending teacher training?

Why is our NZ road system - speed limits etc - now managed by something named about having a straight canoe (waka kotahi)?

Marty K.

Tuesday 20 June 2023


Today's Sick Joke: 
UK is understood to have spent wasted 6 Billion Pounds on two useless 'Elizabeth Class' aircraft carriers. - Have we kiwis still got those 26 parking-lot Scorpion tanks that NZ bought for 8 Million Bucks? (sold to 'Helston Gunsmiths' for under 1/2 a million).

Our 10 MILLION DOLLAR 'new' NZ police Gun Registration list starts again soon ...
they won't be able to sell that 'dead loss' data when they abandon it next time - except to the Gangs..

Seriously but ... Has there EVER been an honest politician - one that was not corrupt & 'On the make" or just plain stupidly greedy. - I keep an eye on the scene in UK and USA while living with New Zealand's lesser copy-cats ... and THEY ARE ALL "at it".
- But we keep on voting for them.

Is TWO  White Elephants a Herd?

"In today's warfare there are now only two classes of ship - 

Submarines and Targets." .. Quote from ColDouglas Macgregor

Hypersonic Missiles (flying at up-to 25 times the speed of sound) defeat any defensive system..

Politicians are our 'leaders' - Where do you reckon they are leading us?

Fantasies: fant-ə-sē -zē plural fantasies. : the power or process of creating especially unrealistic or improbable mental images in response to psychological need. an object of fantasy. also : a mental image or a series of mental images (as a daydream) so created.

It seems to be current New Zealand political policy that there are now 73 different GENDERS (plus "furries") all having 'equal rights' to pick which toilet to use ... We must learn to speak Te Reo Maori - "GUNS ARE EVIL"  - and that 'CORPORATE TAX' is bad - despite tax being the primary source for providing Medical Care, Law & Order, Education, Pensions, Social Care, and social housing etc.

Recently we had the claim that "cis women" who breast feed must be renamed "CHEST-FEEDERS" - wasn't there a row in 2005 about NZ women being called "FRONT-BUMS" by ex-government politician Tamihere ?

Firearms in private ownership realistically used to be the main means of controlling infestations of introduced pests in New Zealand while simulaneously harvesting protein rich wild grown foods not produced in factories adulterated with chemical additives.

We are fed the legend that Gun Control is the way to reduce violent crime and general criminal activity in New Zealand ... How is it going so far, Detective Inspector CAHILL & Commissioner COSTER?

- Can you show us the FIGURES please? - As opposed to your "beliefs" and aspirations.   

The true reason for seeking to reduce the understanding and ownership of firearms - is fear of insurrection .. not crime reduction.

 - What the new police regulations have achieved to date is a reduction in the numbers of law abiding FIT & PROPER Licensed Gun Owners - with an accelerating rate of criminal violence from unlicensed firearms by gang members.

Any government seeking to administer national affairs in the best interests of it's population would choose to strengthen voter's ability to be independent, and  their means to provide healthy foods for their dependants - rather than to weaken and disarm them to vassel status. 

- Such Administration would have no reason to fear it's own citizens. 

- e.g. Switzerland.

Marty K.

Friday 16 June 2023

Sam Colt's London Factory:

A Pair of London Navy Colts from 800 Supplied to Canada's Militia
In 1855 @ $25.00 each:

COLTS Thameside London Factory Leased 1853-1856.

 Back then in Colt's time - Londoners were able to buy and carry their revolver of choice for security.

Looking at this old map image ..

The "Small Arms Manufactury" is low-center facing onto the River Thames while the hexagonal 'MILLBANK PENITENTIARY' is now overbuilt by The TAIT ART GALLERY. 
Bessborough Place still exists, close to PIMLICO Underground Station (opened 1972) where the train platforms are 16 meters (52ft.) below sea level. - Near the low-left corner of the map, is now Churchill Gardens Housing Estate built 1950s - where my wife grew up .. I spent a lot of time there in the 60's before we married.

I can clearly pick-out her apartment home at 11 Shelley House (left ) from this photo.
That glass tower supplied the whole estate with FREE domestic heating & water from the coal powered Battersea Power Station across the Thames - piped under the river until the power station closed in 1980. - Those were the days. - These small apartments are now selling for over a MILLION DOLLARS NZ each.

Colt's entry into English industry was not an easy ride, as his percussion revolvers were 'Single Action' needing to be hand-cocked for each shot whereas many English manufacturers were producing 'Double-Action' guns. - He had also upset the English gunmakers by not employing their services of hand made craftsmanship - but instead used precision steam powered machinery, staffed with ordinary workers to produce his standard 'interchangable' parts assemblies.
Long term demand for Colts London-made guns slumped when the Crimean War ended in February 1856 and Samuel closed his Pimlico plant at the end of that year - shipping the machinery and stock components back to America where demand was greater.

These same buildings that he leased, - in 1858 became The Royal Small Arms Repair Factory
- R.S.A.R.F was established in 1858 by the British Government to act as the first depot and training establishment for the Corps of Armourer Sergeants - who made up a significant number of the work’s staff. - The factory was used for some ten years as a repair and modification facility for a range of small arms belonging to the British armed forces - before ending up at RSAF in Birmingham.

- Sadly, Samuel Colt crippled by gout, - died of heart failure a young but wealthy man aged only 47 in 1862.

An original $25.00 Colt Navy .36 Model 1851 antique Revolver will cost you here around 4-5,000 NZ Dollars to buy depending on condition ... a very good investment.

Marty K.

Saturday 10 June 2023

Lawful Self Defence For Brits & Kiwis:

Three Life-Saving Methods - and a Warning:

Soft Sea-Fishing LURES .. If you have complied with your robbers demand by giving her everything of value you possess ... they still show interest in kicking the shit out of you - these sporting silicon lures may be just the ticket to save your life. Hold your attractively coloured inoffensive soft lure firmly by the head and extend it carefully towards the mugger  - point vigorously into the distance with your other hand calling a warning - and as she turns to follow your pointing index you carefully hook the soft lure into the ear, like an ear-ring to distract the attention while you run off screaming into the night.

Note: It is recomended that the pointed hook be frequently SANITIZED so as to reduce the risk of causing infection.

Digital watches .. These low cost items may prove invaluable when attacked by a larger-stronger victim of social injustice. The recomended method requires a degree of practiced expertise that can be achieved by the dedicated as described here. - First ensure that the Barbie Watch strap is unbuckled and freely held in the hand, while reaching forward to pinch a convenient fold of your attackers skin between thumb & index finger .. as they open their mouth to scream "Stop" you carefully push the Barbie Watch as far as you can past their teeth and down the throat - thereby distracting the unfortunate aggressor's attention as you run screaming into the night.

If you are feeling alarmed by the possibilty of an intimate approach - there are personal devices that will emit a loud noise provided their batteries have not gone flat - Conveniently they are intended to be attached to your keys so that the attacker will be able to locate them in the dark if you drop or throw them away. WARNING be careful not to scratch your assailent when presenting your "Rape Alarm" as your keys may be sharp and this can lead to you being charged with assault by police. 

Note there have been instances where London's Metropolitan Police have claimed these alarms are terrorist weapons if a Royal Coronation is impending, so be sure not to wave one visibly at any uniformed personel.

- There have been claims that it may be legal to counter violence with an equal level of force - but be careful not to be lured into taking any rash precautions. - While it may be common for misunderstood 'Prospects' to have a rusty hammer shoved inside the waist of their jeans for defence from aggressive chickens ... if you were to do similarly, as a retiree you may be charged under the carriage of offensive weapons while receiving a Superannuation Payment Act.
Marty K.


Friday 2 June 2023

Corrupt Police, Politicians & CIA Changing 'Facts' For History - Now We Have 'A I'

How are we going to know the truth ever again now that AI can generate video of anyone saying or doing anything - in any location at any time?

I've just come across 'AMERICAS UNTOLD STORIES' which is an older Youtube series about the killing of the U S President JFK

These guys reckon that the "successor" LBJ done it  and whatever anyone may choose to believe .. their stories disclose a very seedy ruling class in USA - in an intriguing-entertaining way -  I never could work-out how the killed Dallas police officer Tippet fitted into the JFK Assassination story until hearing of the two headshot bodies flown out of Dallas.

A lot of info about ballistics crops-up. Well - be it fact or embroidered fiction it's better than watching the conditioning adverts on television .. What about the weirdo Jesuit joker Ferrie who dies from a natural cerebral event, but had left TWO suicide notes?

While it is obvious that guns were used in EVERY shooting - folk blaming these violent deaths on "GUNS" rather than on the evil greedy people who commit or directed the acts, are simpletons.

For the last seventy years, over a MILLION people every year have been killed in "warfare" by Governments.

Why do "they" want to ban our guns?

The NZ National Party has all ready admitted to using AI generated images in their political advertising on the run-up to our next elections.

Try watching this three minute  "President Nixon video" and decide how much of the 6 o'clock News stories that you just saw were real ...

- Now .. Can you tell, - or how can you tell, - that this piece that you have just read was written by moi, - or was it generated by ChatGPT or 'Speechelo'  ??

Marty K.