Sunday 30 November 2014

"Colts New Apex" SIX CALIBRE Revolver:

This conceptual revolver is another variation that would fire its cartridges from the bottom chamber.  

 - Here's a poster for a collectable (fictional) multi-calibre revolver:

" The "New Apex" may puzzle some readers. The upper cylinder contains six chambers, one for each of the various cartridges. The lower cylinder contains six barrel bores, of six different calibres, - one to match each chamber.
 - The mechanism required to make the cylinders rotate in unison is very simple. - No thought whatever has been given to it.
  No further information will be released on any of these Fancy Free revolvers until after the return of the first space ship to visit Mars. "

Chapter 12 'Fancy Free' of Firearms Curiosa by Lewis Winant features drawings of unreal guns by a Stephen Ickes.

I remember reading somewhere that if you can imagine something - it may well be created! - Such a multi-calibre firearm as this would be usefully versatile. - Well, the double-barrelled pump-action shotgun has materialised (DP12 MSRP) - so why not?

 - Life is good.

Marty K.

Friday 28 November 2014

Firearms Curiosa by Winant:

The postman ('mailman' to US citizens) has brought me an early x-mas present from myself in the form of a paperback copy of 'Firearms Curiosa' written by  Lewis Winant in 1954.

  - It cost me NZ$41.60 (delivered free) from The Book Depository in Slough, UK. They provide a great service shipping books around the globe freight-free at a cost that saves plenty of bucks on what a local book-shop would want to charge - if they had even thought about stocking this kind of book.

Filled with photographs (rather small, poor resolution) and informative text on weird shooting stuff -it comes with my approval. - Here's an example of something new to me that works by the suns rays being focussed onto the black-powder to fire the miniature cannon as a 'noon-gun'.

- Like all sun-dials it has to be aligned properly north-south and the angle of the gnomen thingy has to be correct for the longitude / latitude stuff. - Where I hang-about is roughly Latitude 43.5 degrees South - that's the angle that the Gnomen needs to be made for here - and we are approximately 172 degrees East Longitude. The magnifying glass also needs to be adjusted/focussed for the high summer sun and the lower cool winter angle - but it should work fine.

Google show several different versions in the pictures file - what a great service we get from them and Wikipedia - thanks to the "world-wide wait".

- Lots of other rare and interesting guns lurking inside the books covers for me to discover while snacking and not-watching TV between the ad breaks..

Marty K.

Thursday 27 November 2014

- Convicted Ex-Police Minister 'MSSA' BANKS:

Radio New Zealand has just announced that The Honourable  'MSSA' John Banks has had his conviction for making a fraudulent electoral return about political donations (anonymous??)  "Set Aside" and a new trial ordered.

This continues the theme of my earlier post today about treating crooks as crooks and decent certified law-abiding responsible citizens as people to be respected.

No comment as to if Banks comes into either category of decent citizen or escaped Murderer/Pedophile/ Fraudster.

The ancient Greeks used to select by LOT ordinary non-politicians to serve and work in government alongside the power seeking career 'leaders' as a moderating 'common-sense' influence in the Senate.

Some 1,100 held office each year as drawn by lottery to be 'Office Holders'.

- About time we returned that system to our governance.

Marty K.

Gun Import Licence Needed For Holiday Trips & Escapee Recaptured :

We all should be getting bored with the story of NZ escaped (he was let-out) convict "Phillip Smith" - except this "fruit" has actually done us all a favour by confirming that we are being governed by a bunch of f*ckwits.

When he was released on a three-day pass by the PRISON AUTHORITIES (cock-up 1:) he just kept on walking to the airport and flew to Brazil via Chile.- They now say that they shouldn't have let him out!

Cash- Heavy Murderer Leaving New Zealand.

 - Why did we bother trying to get him back? - Surely logic would suggest that as he was now somebody-else's problem - we didn't have to continue wasting money on his board & lodging or worry about what he might do next.(cock-up 2:) - but no - we've spent thousands on escorts and plane tickets to have him expelled from Brazil and returned here.

cock-up 3: was how come 'we' let him apply for and receive a new passport from his prison bedroom?

cock-up 4: Seems to be that while his real name is Phillip John TRAYNOR (as on his passport!) - nobody in the Police, Justice Dept, Corrections Dept, Customs & Immigration or Taxation Dept. seems to have worried about what his real name is - they were all happy to call him "Smith" without checking.

cock-up 5: Is how come he could pay for an airline ticket and declare $10,000 cash on his departure documents - he's a convicted murderer/pedophile just walked-out of prison (escaped).

cock-up 6: - Seems that not only was this fruit running an 'Export-Import Business' from his State provided Office (Cell?) - but while he was imprisoned as a murderer he'd fraudulently claimed a tax rebate of more than $50,000 - and ..

cock-up 7: - Was found-out and ordered to repay this fraud at $50 per week ! - while in prison? - Where did these nutters think that his income in prison was coming from - wages?

cock-up 8: - How can someone in prison who is not allowed access to a computer and only limited access to a telephone - run a business (and make fraudulent tax claims under a false name)?

 Now I'm not blaming any individuals for all this crap - no doubt they've all got an excuse about it not being their responsibility and that they are not funded well enough to spend the time and effort checking anything - but we have a situation where our NZ Police and NZ Customs are insisting that anyone trying to bring-back into New Zealand a firearm that they took-out earlier is now having them confiscated and destroyed unless they have applied-for and been granted an IMPORT LICENCE prior to leaving the country. - That is despite there being records of that firearm being taken out! - And despite that firearm owner having been approved as a 'FIT AND PROPER PERSON' - not a convicted murderer.

This "new" policy is contrary to police stated policy documents - that they say will now be amended!

They've got enough time and money to be bloody minded and difficult about that.

- I wonder which law enforcement officer is carrying and looking-after "Smiths" cash for him.

- When will they start treating proven law-abiding firearms users as worthy citizens instead of regarding us as near-criminals - and when will they learn to see proven murdering bastards as criminals with diminished freedoms and rights?

Marty K.

Monday 24 November 2014

Model 66 S&W Revolver:

The S&W Model 66 K-Frame Revolver is the one S&W gun that I really fancy - and it appears in their current catalogue again for $650.

Current production has a 4.25 inch barrel and looks to be free of the forcing-cone 'flat' or notch that is said to have caused problems with cracking on the older models.

Model 66-3
Sad to say though - it does have the new S&W "Safety Lock" above the cylinder release that many on-line folk say you should remove asap.
The older gun - that was said to be liable to "frame-stretch" if fed a diet of hot .357 Magnum rounds - was a pretty gun and they were well-liked - but retailers here know how popular they are and charge a premium sale price.
Earlier Model 66-1
That is so pretty - you can just make-out the flat on the bottom of the forcing cone.
- So here's the choice here in NZ - buy the good-looking used older model at a premium price if you find one - or try for current production that may be a little tougher but will come with the disliked "safety lock".
Life's never easy eh. - Still most normal folk (with an IQ above 60 anyway!) will know to save powder by shooting .38 ammo on targets (or soft-loaded .357 cases) and won't have issues with stretching the frames at all. - 'Zombie-fighting Boom-freaks'  don't need to be worried-about - as they'll blaze away at the dirt and their bulged cracked tools don't count for anything much.
Marty K.

Saturday 22 November 2014

Taurus 'Curve' - novel or ??:

Taurus - whatever you may think about their latest product - are certainly 'trying'.

So I'm giving them a definite 10/10 for enterprise, innovation, and effort. - whether the Taurus 'Curve' is actually a good idea or if it actually works well and serves a useful purpose I'll have to leave to others - as there won't be many coming over to New Zealand (for 'politically correct' reasons).

Taurus Curve.
Designed solely for self-defence carry purposes this small semi-auto is in .380 ACP calibre ("9mmShort"?), is built using polymer, and has no sights - but is equipped with built-in LED Lighting and a switchable laser pointer. - Taurus's web site describes it as "Bore-axis sighting"
- That curve will certainly help it to lay snuggly against the torso - but would have exactly the opposite effect for "lefties" like me - so that's a percentage of the market eliminated. The calibre and lack of sights should further thin-out the crowds.

- Personally I like it's looks but doubt I'd find it comfortable to operate with a two finger grip - but the joker in this video doesn't appear to be upset at all.

I do really like the way the magazine ("Clip" eh) is removed by just squeezing the lower area that is exposed at the bottom of the grip. - Most blokes can instinctively squeeze at the bottom eh. - feels good to me.

The Manufacturers blurb says that the CURVE weighs only 10.2 ounces and has a six plus one capacity and a magazine disconnect safety - and an on-line comic comment states that its design was discovered after accidently micro-waving the frame! - Good one. - Well you gotta have a laugh eh.

Marty K.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Rabbit Shooting in New Zealand:

Rabbits are said to have been released in NZ from the 1830s for sport and as a cheap food source - but they proved to be too successful and just prospered beyond reason - especially in the dryer areas of places like 'Central' (Otago) areas of the South Island - where they became plagues within a few decades.

Here's a photo taken by William Williams in 1900 of him shooting from a 'jigger' on the Central Otago railway line:

Easy Rabbit Shooting 1900.
That's my style of hunting - sitting comfortably while rolling along!
- You'd be breaking at least a dozen modern laws and regulations nowadays - even thinking about it. - The closest I've been to that style is four-wheel cruising on back country properties out-back Australia.
Been there - Done That.
- But there are plenty of rabbits about here provided you make arrangements with the farm owners in advance for permission.
"Great Bunny Hunt 2011."
I've shot bunnies using both .22" RF rifles and 12 gauge shotgun - and both are enjoyable sport while helping reduce their numbers - Obviously cheaper with the wee 22 R.F. rifle. - And I really like a rabbit stew or casserole  - very tasty.
- But - did you know that it is ILLEGAL to sell wild shot rabbit in New Zealand? - Government Health Regulations prevent the sale of most wild meat here - some bull about bacteria and risk of consuming poisoned meat etc. - It couldn't possibly have anything to do with protecting the sales revenues of the big supermarkets eh.
If you want a rabbit pie for tea you'll have to go out and shoot one yourself.
- Makes sense eh - if you have a problem with introduced rabbits - just ban their sale for food and that should do it.
Marty K.

Friday 14 November 2014

Henry Deringer - And Knuckle-Duster Pistols:

- Born 1786 - Son of Henry Senior - a Pennsylvania gunsmith - Deringer Jnr was apprenticed to another gun-maker and on completing his apprenticeship he moved back from Richmond and worked building military rifles and Trade guns for native tribes under U.S. Treaty obligations.

Rod ( maker of the worlds most true DeLisle Carbines) - has e-mailed to say that this above image is most likely NOT Deringer - but Eli Remington- who made many "derringers".

- It wasn't until 1825 that he started making the large calibre short barrelled pistols that brought him success and fame - but Henry Deringer didn't patent his designs so was subject to much competition from others who copied and even faked his designs to sell them.
Despite the competition from other makers, Deringer never had a problem selling all he could make in both flintlock and later percussion ignition guns..

This type of pocket-pistol is commonly recognised by the misspelt "Derringer" name.

The classic typical modern era 'Derringer' might be a two barrelled tip-up single-action pistol. - Made very light and compact for convenient carry - this type of gun using modern self-contained cartridges comes in various shapes and calibres and would be an interesting wee toy.

The 'MY FRIEND" Knuckle Duster Revolvers were a neat solution to the self-defence problem.
A .22" and a .32" Calibre Knuckle Duster.
These very compact pepperbox revolvers were mostly seven shot 22s and were patented by James Reed in 1865. They were good sellers and for some time he had twelve people working in his factory producing them.
.22" Short Calibre Seven Shot "MY FRIEND" 'Pepperbox Revolver.
UmmHumm - I've definitely decided that I like pepperbox pistols.
Marty K.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Ballock Daggers:

More realistically  these ancient edged weapons were called 'Bollock Daggers'- Back then these folk had a wicked sense of humour eh.

Worn suspended from the front middle of the belt these fighting knives date from the thirteenth century and their handles and guards were appropriately shaped and carved.

Viking Dagger.
Much approved as ceremonial wear by historical re-enactors - these effective edged weapons may distract ones attention from their "hidden danger" ?
Modern Reproduction Bollock Dagger.
According to Wikipedia many examples were recovered from the wreck of The Mary Rose - Henry VIIIs flag-ship.
Mary Rose Relic Bollock Dagger.

- Found with both single-edge and double-edged blades this style was popular in England during the Tudor period.

Henry VIII (with Bollock Dagger).

When 'Cutters' told me about these colourfully named knives I doubted what I was hearing - but it's all true. - These blades were variously known at different times as "Ballock Daggers", - 'dudgeon-daggers, and later in the Victorian era they were called 'Kidney-Daggers' - but what-ever the name - this style edged weapon dates way-back to the 1200s with Scandinavians, and the warriors of Flanders and the British Isles, & Scots.

- So if anyone offers to give you a bollocking - step back a bit and pay attention.

Marty K.

Saturday 8 November 2014

NZ Police to be armed in Australia:

Two Hundred and Twelve New Zealand Police will arrive in Brisbane next week as part of more than 6,000 police working to provide State-wide security for the 'G20' meeting about to be held there.

Our NZ Police Association states that these NZ Police will be armed - like the Australian Police - but Wellington Police HQ refused to confirm this - saying that any media questions should be addressed to Queensland Police!

Police Duty at 2010 Toronto G20 Meeting.

- When did Government law enforcement employee spokespersons gain the right to refuse to answer questions of fact?

- I guess they may be nervous at confirming that our sworn officers - who are not allowed to be routinely armed in their own country - will be required to 'carry' in Australia - while providing security at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Glocks are Police Issue for Both Australia & New Zealand.

Central Brisbane has been "locked-down" from Saturday 8th November as a 'Declared Area' with Queensland Police gaining special powers to combat protests and demonstrators against the Heads of Government G20 Meeting.

Australian PM Tony Abbot said that climate change would not be discussed - and had been removed from the agenda to de-clutter it and concentrate on 'economic matters'.

I guess that there'll be plenty of trouble again for everyone involved. - The violent street action helps to distract the media from what ever deals are agreed inside the secure areas.

Stop Press: Brisbane Police have discovered explosive devices and equipment for bomb making in a South Rochdale, Kallista Road property. - They state that they rule-out any link to terrorism or to this weeks G20 Summit !

Marty K.

Friday 7 November 2014

DP12 MSRP Double Barreled Pump-action Shotgun:

Well it had to happen eventually as the media have been talking about this imaginary style of gun for years! - perhaps the breathless news-girl 'scoops' knew something all the time.

The DP12 MSRP is announced and on its way to your nearest good gun shop soon.

It is an impressive looking tool for sure - I'm wondering what it weighs when loaded.

Two 12 gauge barrels loaded by the same pump-action - and one trigger - that first fires one barrel and on the second press will fire the other barrel. I see that the advert above says that it has a sixteen shot capacity - which makes me ask "How much is enough?"

- It certainly beats a twin-barrelled 1911 forty-five!

- I have to confess here that I'm a bit sceptical - as  a few years back I sold a Mossberg Mariner stainless steel pump-action and replaced it in my cabinet with a light and handy double-barrelled side-by-side shorty.

- But two seven round tube magazines in a bull-pup design 12 Gauge pump-gun - is that a "Wow" or a "Hwatt"?

I doubt that they'll be much used for shooting clays.

Marty K.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Cordura Holsters for Ruger SP101 & Pouches:

I seem to have been invaded by 'Cordura' pouches and holsters. - I usually prefer real leather gear - but a few days ago I mentioned to "Cutters" that I'd like to find a holster for the Ruger SP101 revolver and he rang me back shortly thereafter and aimed me at an online auction for a bulk lot of gear.

The 'buy-now' was $50 so there you are - well, here they are.

It was a good guess about would they fit - as three of the (nearest) holsters hug the SP101 ok so I will be able to draw and fire the wee revolver in action competitions now. - This kind of equipment sells on Amazon for between $12 - $30 each plus exorbitant shipping charges for export.

- As a bonus the small pouch top right has a neat LED torch (marked 'Hong Kong Police') complete with AA battery - and the hand-cuff pouch has plastic wrist-ties in it!

Cheers Cutters  mate - which bits were you looking at for yourself?

Marty K.

Note: 'Cordura' is a nylon / blend fabric often made to military specs for abrasion and tear resistance.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Multi-Tools and Black-Powder Explosions:

I've been given a 'Multi-Tool' - by my electricity supplier - by way of "Brownie Points" - you have to go through a list of stuff that you never knew you wanted and pick something that costs a lesser number of points that you've been given - before they are taken back ("expire") !

The courier stuffed the over-packaged tool into my mail-box - the ingenious and complicated assembly of stainless steel parts needed a multi-tool to extract it from four layers of plastic packaging and the innermost sealed capsule of a clear blister-pack.

- No wonder that we are being warned by The United Nations that we have to stop burning oil / coal (and plastic oil derivatives!).  - well I hoped that there might be a decent screw-driver blade in it - but of-course there isn't - about the only truly useful tool seems to be the pliers part.

I won't be swapping the multi-tool for my Opinel knife  - so off it goes into its "free" cordura pouch and .. Ah, Christmas is coming - who's going to get a present of a nice shiny new ..?


- Here's a 'Wild West' tale from history about something that does work - Gunpowder has been recorded in Western Society since the 13th Century:

"In 1824 Ashley started out on another trip to trade for furs. Bill Sublette and his brother were among the number. They started a keel boat up the Missouri to bring down a load of pelts. There were no steamboats on the Missouri in those days and they had to pull the keelboats up by hand with ropes. The boat had started off up the river, and Ashley intended to have his ammunition wagon meet the boat at St. Charles.

 La Barge, I don't know his first name, but he was a brother of Joe La Barge, a jolly German they called 'Happy-Go-Lucky', and another man whose name I have forgotten, were put in charge of this wagon loaded with guns, pistols and 300 pounds of powder.

Conestoga Wagon and Team. Note the man riding on the "lazy board".

They drove out Washington Avenue, about where the University now stands. There was a little schoolhouse at the corner in those early days. La Barge was smoking a pipe and just as the wagon was going by it, he knocked the fire out of his pipe. It fell on the kegs. Every keg in the wagon exploded and blew the men sky high.

 La Barge went up a hundred feet and came down dead; so did the other man, but Happy-Go-Lucky came down, rolled over a few times and then died. The wagon was torn to splinters, but the horses ran away unhurt. One of the strange things about the explosion was the fact that an old dog was trotting alongside the wagon and didn't get hurt a bit, excepting that a little of his hair was singed off.

That was a pretty hard lick for Ashley, but I fitted him out again on credit, and I was the first man to be paid when he came back with the keelboat loaded with pelts."

From Samuel Hawkens "Memoirs", given to JPH Gemmer in 1933 by Otis A Hawken. A copy of the MS is in the possession of the Missouri Historical Society.

- The saltpetre from Ashleys plant was hauled to a gunpowder factory in Potosi, which Schoolcraft describes as the only powder plant in that part of the country. In the eighteen month period, from Dec. 31, 1816 to June, 1818, it produced 60,000 pounds of gunpowder valued at $30,000.

- all quoted from 'Guns On The Early Frontiers' by Carl P Russell.

- So, be careful when reloading that ammunition Boys - as Life is good.

Marty K.

Monday 3 November 2014

300 Blackout? - How About 22TCM?

I'm linking this 'new' proprietary cartridge with the 300 Blackout simply because its case can also be made from .223" brass - but in contrast its appeal is not its sub-sonic ability but rather its super-sonic velocity in a s/a pistol.

The 22TCM is a bottle-necked handgun round that looks a little like it is a 9mm Luger necked-down to .22".

Marketed by Rock Island Armoury these new guns and cartridges are touted as being capable of 2,800 feet per second muzzle velocity - from an auto-loading handgun! - The bullet used is a 40gn JHP.

Rock Island Armoury 22TCM.
The Rock Island Armoury 22TCM guns are a 1911 style semi-auto using high capacity double stacker magazines and have been marketed with an extra 9mm barrel and recoil spring to permit ready calibre swapping between 9mm and 22TCM - while using the same magazines.
There is also currently a bolt-action rifle that can use the same double stacked pistol magazines.
It seems that these first guns are built by Armscor in the Philippines so I'd be guessing that they'll be pretty solid and well made once they get past initial quality & teething troubles - that seem to be experienced by some online testers.
Armscor have a manufacturing link with Fratelli Tanfoglio of Italy.
The 'buzz' is that Stateside custom gun-makers are planning to make conversion barrel sets for Glock 9mm guns - and that Lee are producing die sets for hand-loaders.
- There is on-line chatter that this round may defeat body armour - and suggestions that SWAT teams will be looking at it.
- Ammunition for this "Pocket Rocket" is currently available in USA for around US$25 a box of 50.
Whether this cartridge development will grow wings and fly will only be told "going forward" - but it certainly has possibilities. - A light recoiling - flat shooting, high velocity (plus 2,000ft-per-sec) round in an easily carried convenient high-capacity package may well go places.
- or it may just fade away and disappear out of sight! - Certainly as a 'proprietary' round its future will totally depend on the success of its current marketing - but if it were to become SAAMI registered and could be taken-up by other manufacturers - who can fore-cast?
Marty K.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Ruger Tops Handgun Production:

Greg Ellefritz's excellent site 'Active Response Training' and his newsletter has pointed me at another excellent Blog Site by Tom Givens called: WWW. .

The first one I read was the November issue - and if other releases are as useful & interesting I can see that I'll be spending time there and doing a lot more reading. - Like so much 'gun stuff' that you'll find from USA - there is a definite "Self-Defence" focus in the content - but there are plenty of useful maintenance and shooting skill hints as well.

I find it very rewarding that there are these thinking and responsible folk who make a big effort to pass-on their experiences to other shooting people. - I for one know how much time and research has to go into writing stuff - while trying to avoid talking crap or absolute 'bull-s**t' !

One thing that I've spotted so far is a table showing  US ATF Handgun Production Figures for 2012.

- Top 2012 producer was - a drum-roll please Maestro - Ruger with 865,671. - Second place with 606,082 was S&W.

 - Interesting eh.  - Glock was way down the list (fifth) - because most of their sales are imported Austrian made guns.

Marty K.

Saturday 1 November 2014

Early American Frontier link with Captain Cook:

I came across this small link with New Zealand - in one of the many skirmishes between the English and French forces of the Northern parts of the American continent. An early piece of history from the book 'The First Frontier' by Scott Weidensaul.

  This attack occurred in 1759 when the English  Major General James Wolfe attacked and besieged French held Quebec City:

" Stobo and Stevens immediately reversed course and joined Wolfe, who had boldly sailed a fleet up the treacherous St. Lawrence (following surveys made by the young James Cook), where he disembarked nine thousand men and besieged the city."

All we New Zealanders tend to recognise Captain James Cook as the man who "discovered" New Zealand (and much of Australia) in 1769 - producing very accurate charts for later European exploration and settlement.

All this is to kind of ignore the fact that Dutch explorer Abel Tasman found New Zealand much earlier in 1642 - and that Maori navigators landed from their sea-going canoes and settled "Gods-Own" country much earlier again during their voyages through-out the Pacific Ocean. - But of course - Cook did it all for "we British".

- That map is a pretty good effort except for showing Banks Peninsula as an island - and Stuart Island at the bottom - as possibly linked to the mainland.

Captain James Cook certainly got around a bit - when you consider those old small leaky tubs they used for transport.

- A pity that he upset some Hawaiians later in 1779 and came to a 'sticky-end'.

Marty K.