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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Ruger Tops Handgun Production:

Greg Ellefritz's excellent site 'Active Response Training' and his newsletter has pointed me at another excellent Blog Site by Tom Givens called: WWW. .

The first one I read was the November issue - and if other releases are as useful & interesting I can see that I'll be spending time there and doing a lot more reading. - Like so much 'gun stuff' that you'll find from USA - there is a definite "Self-Defence" focus in the content - but there are plenty of useful maintenance and shooting skill hints as well.

I find it very rewarding that there are these thinking and responsible folk who make a big effort to pass-on their experiences to other shooting people. - I for one know how much time and research has to go into writing stuff - while trying to avoid talking crap or absolute 'bull-s**t' !

One thing that I've spotted so far is a table showing  US ATF Handgun Production Figures for 2012.

- Top 2012 producer was - a drum-roll please Maestro - Ruger with 865,671. - Second place with 606,082 was S&W.

 - Interesting eh.  - Glock was way down the list (fifth) - because most of their sales are imported Austrian made guns.

Marty K.