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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Ballock Daggers:

More realistically  these ancient edged weapons were called 'Bollock Daggers'- Back then these folk had a wicked sense of humour eh.

Worn suspended from the front middle of the belt these fighting knives date from the thirteenth century and their handles and guards were appropriately shaped and carved.

Viking Dagger.
Much approved as ceremonial wear by historical re-enactors - these effective edged weapons may distract ones attention from their "hidden danger" ?
Modern Reproduction Bollock Dagger.
According to Wikipedia many examples were recovered from the wreck of The Mary Rose - Henry VIIIs flag-ship.
Mary Rose Relic Bollock Dagger.

- Found with both single-edge and double-edged blades this style was popular in England during the Tudor period.

Henry VIII (with Bollock Dagger).

When 'Cutters' told me about these colourfully named knives I doubted what I was hearing - but it's all true. - These blades were variously known at different times as "Ballock Daggers", - 'dudgeon-daggers, and later in the Victorian era they were called 'Kidney-Daggers' - but what-ever the name - this style edged weapon dates way-back to the 1200s with Scandinavians, and the warriors of Flanders and the British Isles, & Scots.

- So if anyone offers to give you a bollocking - step back a bit and pay attention.

Marty K.