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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Taurus 'Curve' - novel or ??:

Taurus - whatever you may think about their latest product - are certainly 'trying'.

So I'm giving them a definite 10/10 for enterprise, innovation, and effort. - whether the Taurus 'Curve' is actually a good idea or if it actually works well and serves a useful purpose I'll have to leave to others - as there won't be many coming over to New Zealand (for 'politically correct' reasons).

Taurus Curve.
Designed solely for self-defence carry purposes this small semi-auto is in .380 ACP calibre ("9mmShort"?), is built using polymer, and has no sights - but is equipped with built-in LED Lighting and a switchable laser pointer. - Taurus's web site describes it as "Bore-axis sighting"
- That curve will certainly help it to lay snuggly against the torso - but would have exactly the opposite effect for "lefties" like me - so that's a percentage of the market eliminated. The calibre and lack of sights should further thin-out the crowds.

- Personally I like it's looks but doubt I'd find it comfortable to operate with a two finger grip - but the joker in this video doesn't appear to be upset at all.

I do really like the way the magazine ("Clip" eh) is removed by just squeezing the lower area that is exposed at the bottom of the grip. - Most blokes can instinctively squeeze at the bottom eh. - feels good to me.

The Manufacturers blurb says that the CURVE weighs only 10.2 ounces and has a six plus one capacity and a magazine disconnect safety - and an on-line comic comment states that its design was discovered after accidently micro-waving the frame! - Good one. - Well you gotta have a laugh eh.

Marty K.