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Friday, 14 November 2014

Henry Deringer - And Knuckle-Duster Pistols:

- Born 1786 - Son of Henry Senior - a Pennsylvania gunsmith - Deringer Jnr was apprenticed to another gun-maker and on completing his apprenticeship he moved back from Richmond and worked building military rifles and Trade guns for native tribes under U.S. Treaty obligations.

Rod ( maker of the worlds most true DeLisle Carbines) - has e-mailed to say that this above image is most likely NOT Deringer - but Eli Remington- who made many "derringers".

- It wasn't until 1825 that he started making the large calibre short barrelled pistols that brought him success and fame - but Henry Deringer didn't patent his designs so was subject to much competition from others who copied and even faked his designs to sell them.
Despite the competition from other makers, Deringer never had a problem selling all he could make in both flintlock and later percussion ignition guns..

This type of pocket-pistol is commonly recognised by the misspelt "Derringer" name.

The classic typical modern era 'Derringer' might be a two barrelled tip-up single-action pistol. - Made very light and compact for convenient carry - this type of gun using modern self-contained cartridges comes in various shapes and calibres and would be an interesting wee toy.

The 'MY FRIEND" Knuckle Duster Revolvers were a neat solution to the self-defence problem.
A .22" and a .32" Calibre Knuckle Duster.
These very compact pepperbox revolvers were mostly seven shot 22s and were patented by James Reed in 1865. They were good sellers and for some time he had twelve people working in his factory producing them.
.22" Short Calibre Seven Shot "MY FRIEND" 'Pepperbox Revolver.
UmmHumm - I've definitely decided that I like pepperbox pistols.
Marty K.