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Friday, 7 November 2014

DP12 MSRP Double Barreled Pump-action Shotgun:

Well it had to happen eventually as the media have been talking about this imaginary style of gun for years! - perhaps the breathless news-girl 'scoops' knew something all the time.

The DP12 MSRP is announced and on its way to your nearest good gun shop soon.

It is an impressive looking tool for sure - I'm wondering what it weighs when loaded.

Two 12 gauge barrels loaded by the same pump-action - and one trigger - that first fires one barrel and on the second press will fire the other barrel. I see that the advert above says that it has a sixteen shot capacity - which makes me ask "How much is enough?"

- It certainly beats a twin-barrelled 1911 forty-five!

- I have to confess here that I'm a bit sceptical - as  a few years back I sold a Mossberg Mariner stainless steel pump-action and replaced it in my cabinet with a light and handy double-barrelled side-by-side shorty.

- But two seven round tube magazines in a bull-pup design 12 Gauge pump-gun - is that a "Wow" or a "Hwatt"?

I doubt that they'll be much used for shooting clays.

Marty K.