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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Rabbit Shooting in New Zealand:

Rabbits are said to have been released in NZ from the 1830s for sport and as a cheap food source - but they proved to be too successful and just prospered beyond reason - especially in the dryer areas of places like 'Central' (Otago) areas of the South Island - where they became plagues within a few decades.

Here's a photo taken by William Williams in 1900 of him shooting from a 'jigger' on the Central Otago railway line:

Easy Rabbit Shooting 1900.
That's my style of hunting - sitting comfortably while rolling along!
- You'd be breaking at least a dozen modern laws and regulations nowadays - even thinking about it. - The closest I've been to that style is four-wheel cruising on back country properties out-back Australia.
Been there - Done That.
- But there are plenty of rabbits about here provided you make arrangements with the farm owners in advance for permission.
"Great Bunny Hunt 2011."
I've shot bunnies using both .22" RF rifles and 12 gauge shotgun - and both are enjoyable sport while helping reduce their numbers - Obviously cheaper with the wee 22 R.F. rifle. - And I really like a rabbit stew or casserole  - very tasty.
- But - did you know that it is ILLEGAL to sell wild shot rabbit in New Zealand? - Government Health Regulations prevent the sale of most wild meat here - some bull about bacteria and risk of consuming poisoned meat etc. - It couldn't possibly have anything to do with protecting the sales revenues of the big supermarkets eh.
If you want a rabbit pie for tea you'll have to go out and shoot one yourself.
- Makes sense eh - if you have a problem with introduced rabbits - just ban their sale for food and that should do it.
Marty K.