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Thursday, 27 November 2014

- Convicted Ex-Police Minister 'MSSA' BANKS:

Radio New Zealand has just announced that The Honourable  'MSSA' John Banks has had his conviction for making a fraudulent electoral return about political donations (anonymous??)  "Set Aside" and a new trial ordered.

This continues the theme of my earlier post today about treating crooks as crooks and decent certified law-abiding responsible citizens as people to be respected.

No comment as to if Banks comes into either category of decent citizen or escaped Murderer/Pedophile/ Fraudster.

The ancient Greeks used to select by LOT ordinary non-politicians to serve and work in government alongside the power seeking career 'leaders' as a moderating 'common-sense' influence in the Senate.

Some 1,100 held office each year as drawn by lottery to be 'Office Holders'.

- About time we returned that system to our governance.

Marty K.