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Monday, 3 November 2014

300 Blackout? - How About 22TCM?

I'm linking this 'new' proprietary cartridge with the 300 Blackout simply because its case can also be made from .223" brass - but in contrast its appeal is not its sub-sonic ability but rather its super-sonic velocity in a s/a pistol.

The 22TCM is a bottle-necked handgun round that looks a little like it is a 9mm Luger necked-down to .22".

Marketed by Rock Island Armoury these new guns and cartridges are touted as being capable of 2,800 feet per second muzzle velocity - from an auto-loading handgun! - The bullet used is a 40gn JHP.

Rock Island Armoury 22TCM.
The Rock Island Armoury 22TCM guns are a 1911 style semi-auto using high capacity double stacker magazines and have been marketed with an extra 9mm barrel and recoil spring to permit ready calibre swapping between 9mm and 22TCM - while using the same magazines.
There is also currently a bolt-action rifle that can use the same double stacked pistol magazines.
It seems that these first guns are built by Armscor in the Philippines so I'd be guessing that they'll be pretty solid and well made once they get past initial quality & teething troubles - that seem to be experienced by some online testers.
Armscor have a manufacturing link with Fratelli Tanfoglio of Italy.
The 'buzz' is that Stateside custom gun-makers are planning to make conversion barrel sets for Glock 9mm guns - and that Lee are producing die sets for hand-loaders.
- There is on-line chatter that this round may defeat body armour - and suggestions that SWAT teams will be looking at it.
- Ammunition for this "Pocket Rocket" is currently available in USA for around US$25 a box of 50.
Whether this cartridge development will grow wings and fly will only be told "going forward" - but it certainly has possibilities. - A light recoiling - flat shooting, high velocity (plus 2,000ft-per-sec) round in an easily carried convenient high-capacity package may well go places.
- or it may just fade away and disappear out of sight! - Certainly as a 'proprietary' round its future will totally depend on the success of its current marketing - but if it were to become SAAMI registered and could be taken-up by other manufacturers - who can fore-cast?
Marty K.