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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cordura Holsters for Ruger SP101 & Pouches:

I seem to have been invaded by 'Cordura' pouches and holsters. - I usually prefer real leather gear - but a few days ago I mentioned to "Cutters" that I'd like to find a holster for the Ruger SP101 revolver and he rang me back shortly thereafter and aimed me at an online auction for a bulk lot of gear.

The 'buy-now' was $50 so there you are - well, here they are.

It was a good guess about would they fit - as three of the (nearest) holsters hug the SP101 ok so I will be able to draw and fire the wee revolver in action competitions now. - This kind of equipment sells on Amazon for between $12 - $30 each plus exorbitant shipping charges for export.

- As a bonus the small pouch top right has a neat LED torch (marked 'Hong Kong Police') complete with AA battery - and the hand-cuff pouch has plastic wrist-ties in it!

Cheers Cutters  mate - which bits were you looking at for yourself?

Marty K.

Note: 'Cordura' is a nylon / blend fabric often made to military specs for abrasion and tear resistance.