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Saturday, 8 November 2014

NZ Police to be armed in Australia:

Two Hundred and Twelve New Zealand Police will arrive in Brisbane next week as part of more than 6,000 police working to provide State-wide security for the 'G20' meeting about to be held there.

Our NZ Police Association states that these NZ Police will be armed - like the Australian Police - but Wellington Police HQ refused to confirm this - saying that any media questions should be addressed to Queensland Police!

Police Duty at 2010 Toronto G20 Meeting.

- When did Government law enforcement employee spokespersons gain the right to refuse to answer questions of fact?

- I guess they may be nervous at confirming that our sworn officers - who are not allowed to be routinely armed in their own country - will be required to 'carry' in Australia - while providing security at the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Glocks are Police Issue for Both Australia & New Zealand.

Central Brisbane has been "locked-down" from Saturday 8th November as a 'Declared Area' with Queensland Police gaining special powers to combat protests and demonstrators against the Heads of Government G20 Meeting.

Australian PM Tony Abbot said that climate change would not be discussed - and had been removed from the agenda to de-clutter it and concentrate on 'economic matters'.

I guess that there'll be plenty of trouble again for everyone involved. - The violent street action helps to distract the media from what ever deals are agreed inside the secure areas.

Stop Press: Brisbane Police have discovered explosive devices and equipment for bomb making in a South Rochdale, Kallista Road property. - They state that they rule-out any link to terrorism or to this weeks G20 Summit !

Marty K.