Friday, 28 August 2020

Loophole Money Makes The World Go Round ...

 - By taking it out of your pocket ..

Did the New Zealand Government "Buy-Back" your legally owned now PROHIBITED firearms? - Did they use your tax dollars to do that?

Feeling hard-up? .. Likely that you won't be too surprised to learn that over in Britain - where more than 300 people go Bankrupt every day - they now have a National Debt that recently passed 2 TRILLION POUNDS (Roughly speaking that's around 4 Trillion US Dollars). - Funny how they boast about being the world's fifth-biggest economy eh .. but that is before BREXIT has started to affect their trade.

The U S National Debt is over $26 TRILLION 

One Persons Debt Is Another's Wealth

NZ debt is currently only around NZ$58 Billion .... The NZ Dollar buys about US$0.65 so that's around US $38 Billion but rising fast with this Covid-19 Pandemic crippling the economy.

A BILLION is only a thousand million

Whereas a TRILLION is a million Million .. with 12 zeros thus  1,000,000,000,000

These numbers get to be almost meaningless unless you concentrate eh .. especially when you are managing on a state pension.

- There are many mysteries in life ... (like WHO is it keeps turning the ring volume off on my cell phone  (it's not the cat ..) - so few of us proles can work out who are the wealthy lords of the earth that have so much cash that they lend zillions to our Governments and make themselves ever richer on our tax money?

I guess these wealthy dollar-psychos will be the same types who now ruin our public television with five minute Ad-Breaks after every 10 minutes viewing - and also now "own" the countries public electricity system that taxpayers built & paid for .. on the false promise that they would give us cheaper privatised power. - My monthly power charges have more than doubled from $40 a month ten years ago - to $95 every month.

These wealthy corporate psychos actually control our lives ... by twisting our elected governments ... with big "Political Donations" and by helping Ministers to do their jobs with holidays & yacht trips.

loophole is an ambiguity or inadequacy in a system, such as a law or security, which can be used to circumvent or otherwise avoid the purpose, implied or explicitly stated, of the system.

Originally, the word means an arrow-slit, a narrow vertical window in a wall - through which an archer could shoot. - In a loophole, a law addressing a certain issue exists, but can be legally circumvented due to a technical defect in the law.

There are so many "loopholes" in financial laws that you'd need to be naive to think they are accidental or indeed - to think that the lawyers & consultants can't fix them if so instructed by government.

It is these same psycho money hoarders who don't want YOU to own a gun .. They want their own bodyguards and armed private police forces .. Sure.

Our own gun banning prime minister Jacinda Ardern has FOUR armed police guards permanently at her home

 .. When they finance a regime change in some nation that's got oil or 'rare earth mineral' resources ... they don't want any expensive resistance from the locals.

The right to be armed for self-defence is a basic human RIGHT existing in 'Common Law' - but now denied in New Zealand by our arrogant Police management and by our shifty politicians.

The inside news from Parliament's "Beehive Building" is that if returned to power this regime will introduce a THIRD TRANCHE of gun laws that limits/Bans PISTOL TARGET SHOOTING.


Time to act  now.

Marty K.

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