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Monday, 20 March 2017

A R PISTOLS & Braces (& Skinks):

There is an odd firearm development in the US of A, -  known as an AR Pistol..

I've seen pictures & video of these from time to time and just shook my head thinking "Only in America - why would you want one?" but they keep on surfacing on-line - making them worth investigating eh.
- It looks about as clumsy and ugly as a British legal "Long Handgun".

It seems that it's all the FEDS fault. - Way back in 1934 the then Administration passed the National Firearms Act into law ... this same act is to blame for their stupid rules regarding silencers and now for these stoopid "pistols".

Legislators really do need to consider unintended consequences eh.

If a rifle (Oh NO - not an *Assault* -Rifle!) is wanted in carbine form - it must have a barrel longer than 16 inches - or it is liable to that notorious US$200 tax and months of delaying paperwork.

- However, if you build your American short barreled rifle without any stock - it legally becomes an unrestricted PISTOL whatever the barrels length... Yeahh!

- But - you've now got a clumsy over-sized handgun that fires centre-fire .223" rounds and can be hard to use safely .. so bring-on the "Arm Braces" (Blame Alex Bosco at SB Tactical).

The US ATF has issued a compliance for arm braces that accepts that the firearm so fitted remains a "pistol" - As long as it is not used to 'shoulder' the pistol like a rifle - as the ATF would deem this to be "a redesign" requiring the registration of the firearm as a SBR !!
Does That Pistol Look Like A Short Rifle To You?

So you now can use the brace to steady your "pistol" to your forearm - but not to your shoulder.

Got that? - You citizens can own your AR with barrel shorter than 16 inches as long as you remove the stock & call it a pistol - but you can then put-back an stock arm-brace as long as you don't use it sensibly !

I bet you don't have one of these vertebrates in your house.. Like an AR Pistol .. it's neither a frog nor a snake.
Common NZ Skink.

My wee fellow has lost its tail - for which my old cat 'LuLu'  must be directly held to blame as it's too quick for me to catch.

- This is the third one I've hosted over the last half-dozen years - I guess that they must taste bad as to be released to scamper about - as she is typically merciless on mice and birds - usually having a smug look on her face while only leaving the mouse tails, birdie beaks & a few scattered feathers for the occasional cleaner (me).

Marty K.