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Saturday, 18 March 2017

GripMaster Hand Strength For Pistol Shooting:

I bought another toy.
This is extra (and a wee bit more sophisticated) to another spring 'squeezer' that I was given by 'Cutters' some time ago:
The idea is that, in those idle moments - I pick one of them up and do something useful towards strengthening my grip and finger muscles for better TRIGGER CONTROL & more consistent accuracy on target.

The "GRIPMaster" Medium Tension (Red) cost me NZ$39.99 .. why the hell they can't be honest and just call it $40.? -- but anyway it didn't because I also paid $5 extra for the courier delivery fee.😒  ... well it's only money eh.

 - The point is that 'The No.1 Hand Exercisers' are specifically marketed as being a good thing for pistol shooters (& others) because you can exercise and strengthen each individual finger as you wish.
e.g. I am trying to fully squeeze grip the lower three fingers THEN independently control the trigger finger on its pad without altering the pressure of  the others.

It ain't easy... "Shooting well is simple - It is just not easy"

I am trying to focus on double-action-only shooting my revolvers (Glocks too eh 😜😜). Just maybe when combined with a bit of 'dry firing' - I'll have some chance of counter-acting the aging effect!

- After playing with it I certainly can feel some "awareness" of muscle in my forearms - so there may be a benefit on range.

Life IS good,

Marty K.