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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Violent Teenage Robbers:

New Zealand Today!

North Island shopkeepers are demanding increased police coverage following a number of violent 'Dairy' (corner shop) robberies by young assailants.

Some shopkeepers are talking about having to keep guns behind the counter for self protection.
About 70 concerned residents and shopkeepers turned out to its first Community action Group meeting.
Six violent robberies in the past 10 days have left dairy and liquor store owners scared to turn up to work unarmed.
In the latest incident, on Wednesday night, three people armed with metal rods attacked a South Auckland Super Store Liquor owner.
Sunny Kaushal, who runs the action group, said the trio smashed bottles and fled with alcohol, leaving the owner with multiple injuries. - Enough was enough, he said.
"Every other day you're seeing people in broad daylight, especially the teenagers, armed teenagers... they're entering into the dairies and they are assaulting the shopkeepers. And they loot and go."
Two teenage girls have been charged following an aggravated robbery at an Auckland dairy, which left one of the shopkeepers "badly beaten".
Police said seven people entered the dairy on Melrose Rd, Mt Roskill about 7.30am on Sunday armed with a baseball bat and crowbar.
This follows incidents in Kaikohe (North of Auckland)where a group of 15 to 20 youths (aged 12 to 14) robbed a liquor store of cartons of beer and then were filmed attempting to break-in to a Mobil Service Station.
Mob Attempts Break-In at Mobil.
Northland MP Winston Peters says more police are needed in Northland.
- Police were called to Mangere, South Auckland after an armed robbery at the Idlewild Superette about 2pm on Monday. 
The car was pursued by police, but the chase was soon abandoned after a shot was fired at a police car.
Three of the men then abandoned the car, and fled through the grounds of a school in Manurewa.
Marty K.