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Saturday, 1 April 2017

32" Calibers - They're Small, Effective, & Easier To Shoot Well:

I have a few gun books (and guns) .. because I try to find out what I'm doing - and what (mostly?) I'm talking about eh - plus of-course - reading is much more fun than watching the repeats and thirty-three percent advertising content on our TV.

These Three Are Good Under The Covers - I've Checked-out each Several Times.

Sad to say though - most of the older books have a nasty habit of copying each others myths by dismissing the 'Thirty-Twos' as being too small and ineffective to be of any value while lauding the 'forty-five'.. Not so much in the more recent, up-to-date writings.

Four 'Thirty-Twos' .. Ancient To Modern (L to R):
H&R .32" S&W ("Short"). - Colt Model 1903 .32" ACP
Ortgies 7.65x17mm (.32"ACP). - Ruger SP101 327 Federal Magnum

- Wow,  I can hear some of you screaming at me even down here .. "32s are Mouse guns and .32 ACPs are 'Mini-Mouse' Pip-Squeaks".

- I'll come to that argument shortly .. but you'll have to admit that ALL the 'experts' - including members of The Church of The 1911 - concede that thirty-twos are capable of superb accuracy.

.. but -  "That's what I'm talking about ... POWER  - "One Shot Stops"

! ! !

Now I know that you good people will forgive me for referring you to a modern, factual study by Greg Ellifritz from 2011: Link:

I really don't want to annoy anyone but this factual study of shootings from US police records shows this:

 40% one-shot-stops for 32"ACP & 32" S&W ( - with 78% accuracy & 72% head or torso hits)

39% one-shot-stops for the .45" ACP    (- with 85% accuracy & 51% head or torso hits.)

So - please take a deep breath before reading on.. And consider this - the British & Commonwealth .303" SMLE of two World Wars, - and the 'Russian' (universal) AK47 in 7.62x39 are in the same bullet caliber as the .32"s. - If you are with it and already are a 327 Federal Magnum fan looking for a hunting rifle/carbine in 327 for small/medium game - consider converting a SMLE to 327 Magnum by re-chambering it for that straight-wall cartridge.

In the US 'carry gun' context - the facts are that a 'thirty-two' pistol is accurate, - easier to carry & soft to shoot, and as effective as a .45".

- Even my old gun books point-out that the MAGNUMS ..  .357" Magnum, 41" Magnum, and .44" Magnum are generally not suitable for "self-defense" as they are "too much gun" for most people to carry or use.. unless your name is Clint.

But a current model 327 Federal Magnum throws slugs with similar speed and power to a .357 Magnum while being much easier to control - and with more shots - from a smaller revolver's (45,000 psi) high pressure round.

Historically New York Police adopted the .32" revolver way back in 1896 - and the .32" ACP - known as 7.65 mm Browning has been used for over a hundred years by police and military throughout Europe - since it's introduction there by Fabrique National in 1899.

Modern .32" ACP (7.65x17mm Browning)

NZ Police used to have .32"s  - So did NZ Bank Clerks & security guards before they were disarmed in 1975.

- What more can I say?

Marty K.

P.S. That wee Ortgies is a neat quality piece .. Mrs Eva Hitler (nee Braun) carried one until April 1945 ..
See my story from 2016 - Link: