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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Police Arms Code Changes & Local Lies About Guns:

Here's a short list of some regularly stated 'FICTS' about guns. I'd be happy to add other examples.

These are usually trotted-out in support of poorly presented anti-gun argument:


The British Police are an Unarmed Force &

The New Zealand Police are historically an Unarmed Force:
The Armed Constabulary of New Zealand was formed by Act of Parliament in 1867, with constables used as both soldiers and sworn police. - Following the cessation of hostilities with Titokowaru and Te Kooti it became an armed police force in 1870. 

There is no sporting use for semi-auto firearms. - I use them regularly.

There is NO RIGHT to have firearms in New Zealand: 
.. Article 7 of our British AND New Zealand Bill Of Rights clearly states:

Bill of Rights 1688 (February 13).

" Subjects’ arms.

That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions, and as allowed by law:"

- By the passing of the (NZ) Imperial Laws Application Act 1988. the British Bill of Rights, unmodified, became part of New Zealand law.

Guns are Dangerous: - I have yet to see or hear of a firearm leaping-up and attacking anyone. The danger is from uncontrolled violent criminals and neglected mentally deranged persons.


The NZ POLICE ARMS CODE used to state:


I see that the Police have now changed their SELF DEFENCE statement in the extensively amended 2017 Arms Code as below:

SELF DEFENCE Important note: Firearms for self defence

 A generalised fear is not a justification for keeping a firearm readily available for self-defence. 

Citizens are justified in using force in self defence in certain situations. The force that is justified will depend on the circumstances of the particular case. Every person is criminally responsible for any excessive use of force against another person.

 A firearm is a lethal weapon. To justify the discharge of a firearm at another person, the user must hold a honest belief that they or someone else is at imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm. Discharge of a firearm at another person will result in a Police investigation and whatever the consequences of the incident you may face serious criminal charges. Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on how to defend yourself lawfully. They can advise you of empty hand self defence courses or groups in your area.

So, the Police - who themselves have metal batons, shields, helmets, high voltage Taser guns, Glock 9mm semi-auto pistols, and Bushmaster 5.56mm assault rifles - while providing round-the-clock armed VIP protection to our "leaders", - suggest that we and our vulnerable weak & old, - seek advice on how to use our empty hands to defend ourselves  .... Right,

Marty K.