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Friday, 7 April 2017

Illegal Possession of Firearms:

The Inquiry Into Issues Relating To The Illegal Possession Of Firearms In New Zealand have published their "recommendations".

I've read their report twice and am now trying to somewhat calm-down.

Their recommendations might be summed-up as:

 A few suggested law changes to make illegal gun use by gang members further illegal - but in different words. - These proposed Law changes will of course do nothing and still be ignored by the law-breakers.

- AND to make a lot of changes to the rules that LAW ABIDING LICENSED SHOOTERS follow - that will cost the law abiding 'FIT AND PROPER' legal gun owners more time and money and paperwork - while doing absolutely NOTHING to reduce violent criminal activity by Gangs.


- did this Parliamentary Committee recommend increased funding and resources for Police to combat gang crime? - NO

- did this Inquiry recommend more Police resources be applied to solving burglaries? - NO

But these Parliamentarians will likely be required to vote for further Corporate business tax reductions - that have already been reduced by around 40% since the 1980s - resulting in restrictions of essential services like Education, Health, and Law Enforcement.

What a SICK joke it all is .. but we mustn't grumble eh - I don't think WWIII has actually started yet despite 59 cruise missiles hitting Syria.

Marty K.