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Monday, 3 April 2017

NEW "Kiwi Gun Blog" (& My 700th Post):

I have been pointed at a new on line pro-gun Blog:



They seem to be professionally presenting and strongly voicing shooters rights in an effort to encourage New Zealand licensed gun enthusiasts to stand-up and make their feelings and voting strength known.

They say:

"The goal of this blog is simple. To keep the shooters of New Zealand up to date on the threats to their right to responsible firearm ownership. Then to provide them with the information and guidance to counter such attacks."

Kiwi Gun Blog seems to have started in February this year - and I hope that they prove to be an ongoing success. I don't know who they are - other than 'Anonymous' of Auckland.

- It is completely coincidental that this - being my 700th post - is concerned with publicizing their birth.

My first article was about "Comstock Scoring" in Practical Shooting (IPSC) competition on 1st January 2014.


Marty K.