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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ruger Redhawk Eight Shot Magnum Revolver

Wow - I just watched Hickok 45 shooting a new Ruger Redhawk  x8 shot .357" Magnum revolver.
What a great looking piece - with it's chunky short barrel. - I want one...  Link:

Redhawk Eight Shot .357 Magnum.
- That's Pretty.

That's a beautiful big solid revolver - but it was interesting to see even an experienced shootist such as Hickok 45 flinching and missing under the magnums blast. - It is big and loud.

Big old Magnums have the same appeal for me as does a meaty five litre V8 car . I do love a deep toned V8 rumble and that powerful acceleration as you blow-off the shopping trollys buzzing behind you at the traffic-lights.

- But I also love a small hot motor - like the Honda B16A2 V-Tec that will rev. to 9,000 rpm and will also blow-off anything else on the road (short of a Porche) while managing fuel consumption the envy of some Vespa scooters. - I loved my three Honda fuel injected CRXs - I wonder how good the CRZs are? - 50 mpg and 0-100k in 9 seconds?

My current idea of a HOT 'Honda' revolver is my 327 Federal Magnum Ruger SP 101.

I like both big and small - as long as they work well.. even old like a percussion smoke stick is good.

Marty K.