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Friday, 14 April 2017

Stopping Power, Energy Transfer, Penetration & Expansion :Part 1.

You might assume that - all things being equal (which of course they never are) - a bigger faster heavier bullet should make a bigger, deeper hole that will let the contents of a container drain-out quicker .. such as when shooting plastic bottles of colored soda sugar-fizz.

- But then there's Expansion .. that makes a smaller caliber bigger.

Problem - it appears that the more expansion designed into a projectile - the less penetration you get.. .. something to do with 'supply and demand'?

This appears to be a mystery only explained to the privileged-but-indebted during their Economics degree courses .. but I wouldn't know about that as on the last day of term (1961) when I was sixteen - my Dad said to me  "Eight o'clock tomorrow morning - Out of that door and don't come back until you've got a job." (He meant it -  now that's stopping power).

Funny to tell this to the current generations on 'zero hour contracts' - but in the immediately following forty-nine years - I only had ONE week as 'unemployed' .. but then the High Wycombe employment office subsequently knocked-down that achievement & demanded that I energetically transfer their measly dole payment back - as I had been paid up till the end of the month in lieu of notice.

Anyway - I like to think of that bullet expansion as something like a parachute opening and decelerating the projectile.. thence less speed = less penetration = less effective eh.

BUT what about 'tumbling' or 'upset' ? - A pointy bullet is more aero-dynamic and stable in flight - but on impact the heavier rear part will try to overtake the lighter pointy bit and will tumble like a .. 'tumbly-thing'.
SCCY CPX-2. 10 Round Mags. in 9mm - Under US$400.
 - I Think That's an Interesting color .. (Is white a Color?)
Can They Make these With A Four Inch Barrel?

.. Come on Col - give me an argument here.. it's a slow news day.

Range Officer which art  in heaven,- please help me shoot my 1911.
- Give us this day our single stack, - but help me hit centre and black.
Check my pathway through that Gel, -  only six inches, bloody Hell.
- Should I wander from the road, - teach me how to lock and load,
And lead us from all calibers but the forty-five, - deliver us from flinching and keep our hopes alive.'
For Colt is thine word and the light  - and keep my eyes on that front sight.

Marty K.