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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Restricted Weapons / Parts :

It has taken FIVE MONTHS and a lot of futile paperwork for
my Hogue rubber grips to arrive from USA for my Ruger SP 101 - Well,
it actually took less than two weeks - the rest of the four and a 
half months was simply bureaucratic delay..

Image Of A Restricted Weapon/Parts.

E-mail to Hon Paula Bennett Minister Of Police.

Paula, I hope that you find time to read this:


I lodged my Application for a restricted item
'electronically' with the Christchurch District Police
Headquarters Firearms Office on .. 11 November 2016

A permit 1704106 was eventually Issued - after FOUR MONTHS
. dated 08 March 2017

I then ordered & paid for this restricted item from USA
which I was informed was landed and intercepted by Customs:
Notice reference 17G0059 dated .. 17 March 2017

I immediately mailed the top copy of the Permit to Import
together with a copy of my Endorsed Firearms Licence
XXXXXXXX as demanded.. and on the morning of 10 APRIL 2017 I
found on my doorstep a "no signature required" package
containing this Restricted Item.

So it has taken FIVE MONTHS and a variety of official
paperwork for me to obtain  ...
A soft rubber after-market grip for my target shooting
revolver. - This 'dangerous' item is then left on my door

My suggestion here is that all of this is totally fruitless,
unnecessary and wasteful - Surely the only items that need
to be 'Restricted' are firearms parts bearing a Serial
Number such as Barrels & Frames / Actions.. as this used to
be the situation here in NZ.

Thank you for your attention,



I blog at: Blogger: on target shooter nz

'Nuff said I think,

Marty K.