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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

London Gun Crime UP 42%:

The following report from yesterdays UK Guardian seems to be familiar - it may be that our pollies are again guilty of playing 'truck & trailer' - by just following British right wing political policy:

London's Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.

Britain’s largest police force have warned there has been steep increases in gun and knife crime in the capital over the past year, adding that years of budget cuts may at least be partially responsible.
The Metropolitan police said gun and knife crime rose 42% and 24% respectively and that recorded crime was up across virtually ever category, in figures released two days after Cressida Dick took over as commissioner.
In a briefing on Wednesday, Martin Hewitt, the force’s assistant commissioner, sought to pin some of the blame on cuts to funding. “It would be a naive answer to say that if you cut a significant amount out of an organisation, you don’t have any consequences,” he said.
Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, the Met has made £600m in savings and has to find a further £400m by 2020.
Marty K.