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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Stopping Power etc. Part 3:

More considered ballistic science from Colpepper A:

An excellent point,
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - How can this be? - My suggestion goes something like this ... If a destructive/explosive energetic device weighing e.g. 200 grams is inserted into a space and it completely & effectively destroys that spaces contents ... then you insert a twice as powerful (400 gram) device into a second similarly filled 'room' and activate it - are that second example room's contents still destroyed?

If the answer is Yes - then why waste that additional power and weight and surplus energy -when the lighter, more compact but equally effective device is more efficient and easier to deploy?
But,......this is of course, always ASSUMING that the "destructive/explosive energetic device weighing e.g. 200 grams" actually WILL with a LARGE DEGREE OF SURETY "effectively destroy that spaces contents". 

In fact, that "space" may unexpectedly turn out to be considerably larger & more robust than originally envisioned.

Prudent persons MAY decide in advance that a "more comprehensive insurance policy" would be wise and therefore employ "a twice as powerful (400 gram) device", thereby covering a greater margin of possible error.

The arguable greater "efficiency for size" of the smaller 200 gram device does NOT and CANNOT surpass the greater terminal effectiveness of the larger 400 gram device.

One may have great confidence in the pilot of a light aircraft, but it is also very comforting to know that one is seated on a parachute.

One further significant point on 'MASS & MOMENTUM" is that with two projectiles of similar form, regardless of caliber, a heavier projectile will SHED VELOCITY at an apprecibaly LESSER RATE than a lighter projectile.

Again; to each their own. It's simply a matter of personal choice and REASONED CONFIDENCE in that choice.
( "for the sake of this argument we are talking .32" versus .45")
Argument??????ARGUMENT????? Is this not a REASONED DISCUSSION between an advocate of mouse cartridges / calibers and that of a proponent of serious cartridges ??????

Yes Col - YES YES YES & YES ... All things being equal - YES.

However, in the real world there is a limit to the power levels practical to control & direct from a hand-held device.

That level will of-course vary dependent upon the the body mass and physical strength of the shooter as well as their ability to ignore and overcome the blast and sometime PAIN of detonating a large bore powerful cartridge (or even a portable nuclear device)  while maintaining full vision and target alignment.

That limit being accepted as a fact - and the further FACT that the .32" caliber handguns have a superior 'real life' stopping effect record (with Total Surety) to the larger .45" calibers - the argument is obviously settled and agreed in favor of the mouse.

Marty K.