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Thursday, 20 April 2017

1871 Remington Rider .32" Magazine Pistol:

“Cogito, ergo sum armatus: - I think, therefore I am armed.”  - Anonymous latin writer.

This is a real cute old repeating gun - five shot no less and in .32" caliber. However the .32 EXTRA SHORT won't have managed too many 'one shot stops' in the day eh.

The Remington Rider  Magazine Pistol was patented in 1871 and has a five round tubular magazine under the 3 inch barrel and a thoughtfully considered aperture rear sight set into that action cocking piece.

Link to Forgotten Weapons video Review:

More Usual Engraved Iteration.

This really neat looking repeater has a three inch rifled barrel and was made to use the .32" EXTRA SHORT cartridge.

These rim fire rounds were initially loaded with Black Powder but transitioned through semi-smokeless powder loadings to the later smokeless. - Bullet diameter was .316"

These Extra-Shorts are the babies that some will welcome as they were described as "packing a punch".
.. They were also known as the .32 Protector. 😊

.32" Extra-Short, Short, Long, & Extra Long
 Rim Fire Cartridges.

These 'thirty-twos' were designed by S&W and were considered to be very effective in their day for small game shooting.

What a neat wee antique 'Protector',

Marty K.