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Friday, 7 April 2017

Tapered Cylinder On Ruger SP 101:

I was checking-out Lucky Gunners opinions of the Ruger SP101 snubby in .357" Magnum. Link:

- and I saw this image of their test gun.

The Talo Distributor Exclusive is a five shot Wiley Clap Edition with a 2.25 inch barrel and features a special tapered cylinder for easier re-entry into a holster.. Nice detail eh.

But why I'm showing you this is - because my much treasured new  4.2 inch Ruger SP101 six shot 327 Federal Magnum has the same tapered cylinder feature and I had been wondering about that. Maybe the eleven month and two weeks wait for it to arrive was justified?!

- You should be able to just about make-out this same cylinder-taper on mine.. Aww that target is five shots of my home brewed duplex load - shot double-action - neat eh.

Cobber / Commenter 'Colpepper Aramberriberri' put a cylinder full down range (single action !) and reckoned that the trigger action was "a bit gritty and the spring is too strong (when cocking for single action)"

- but then again he worships at the  😍Church of 1911😍 - so has no taste.. a good imagination, - & maybe he's also just got weak fingers.

Mind you ... He is pretty good with a shotgun on clays.

Life IS good,

Marty K.

P.S. The 327 Magnum hammer spring is strong because this cartridge uses stronger small rifle primers - in contrast to the soft & wimpy primers used - for example - in the very low pressure .45" ACP rounds.