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Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Book Of Beretta Pistols:

I've just bought the Kindle version of this Gun Digest book by Massad Ayoob - because it had a chapter about the small 'TOMCAT' pocket .32" ACP auto pistol that I'm interested in.

Published in 2005 it cost me just over $10 to load onto my e-reader - and what great value it is proving to be as I read it.

This guy "Mas" is truly an inspiring writer who really knows his guns & shooting - and he says what he thinks - bad bits as well as the good. (He wasn't that impressed by the wee .32" Tomcat! - but I'm still intrigued and would love the opportunity to get an 'Inox' one).

He might be talking about - say the M92 locking blocks - but he weaves a complete story around the technical details - bringing in other shooters stories and how his young daughter 'Cat' grew to be a competition winner and ...

I am not particularly a Beretta fan - but the factual experience & opinions Massad offers are so interesting that I will eagerly read on for every chapter about even many models I have never heard-of  or considered before. His writings are rich with self-defense, - shooting and law enforcement lore.

If you can't raise enough interest to try this 'Beretta' book - at least have a look at his other offerings such as 'The Truth About Self Protection' and 'Concealed Carry'.

Marty K.