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Monday, 10 April 2017

NZ Police Association Prejudice:

The President of the Police Association Chris Cahill published this interesting example of his anti-gun bias in their journal POLICE NEWS - The Voice of Police>>

He says above .. "certain sections of New Zealand believe they have a right to possess firearms"..."Gun ownership is not a right."

Excuse my boldness Mr President - BUT YES IT IS.

New Zealanders DO have the right to have firearms . I suggest that Cahill checks both the British and New Zealand Bill of Rights as in the below Article 7:
(as Reprinted by NZ Parliament at 26 March 2015)

.. Article 7 of our British AND New Zealand Bill Of Rights clearly states:

Bill of Rights 1688 (February 13).

" Subjects’ arms.

That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions, and as allowed by law:"


Then he writes "The Association is not advocating onerous or costly changes to that act" (The Arms Act).

Well Mr Cahill, I have now read the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry four times - and "onerous and costly changes" for lawful gun owners are exactly what they are suggesting.

He claims that "Many of these weapons have no purpose - They are not useful for hunting .."

Well I regret but that the obvious reason such firearms as handy small bore shotguns ("kea guns") and handguns etc are "not useful for hunting" - is because Police Regulation currently forbids their use for hunting. - Many Endorsed/Licensed Pistol shooters want to go hunting for NZ game with their accurate & effective equipment - but are prevented from doing so.

 - I suggest that Mr Cahill does some reading himself before again mistakenly printing or publicly making further 'misspeaks' - seemingly meant for the persuasion of the gullible and misinformed.

Marty K.