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Monday, 27 February 2017

Special Purpose Individual Weapons, Russian Tech. & 'Duplex' Projectiles::

I know next to nothing about Special Purpose Military Weapons - but I am fascinated by the utility of 'multi-projectile' loads and other possibilities. - 'DUPLEX' Loads (or 'Tandem') loads.

Springfield Armoury SPIW.

I am equally fascinated by the need to retain five digits on each hand - and have a strong distaste to earning the nickname or sobriquet "Stumpy".

 - CAUTION in all matters - especially regarding experimental Hand-Loading eh.

If you are a reader - you may enjoy the history material about the SPIW and Flechettes found by following this Link:

 Stacked Bullets For .357 Magnum Revolvers.

I have personally loaded and shot duplex loads in the .357" Magnum10 mm Auto cartridges to use in 'Bowling Pin Matches' - and now in the 327 Federal Magnum.

I am less nervous trying stacked tandem loads in straight walled handgun cartridge cases than I would be even thinking about high velocity rifle cartridges - but that has been done.

'Doubletap' Equalizer Duplex 10 MM Load.

My Hard-Cast 10 mm.

- My thinking is that multi-ball loads have been around "for ever" .. think shotgun loads .. think 'Chain Shot'  and 'Bar Shot' in cannon.

When they're made-up carefully by experienced loaders - you should still be able to order four beers with one hand in your local.

A different approach:

- A recent Russian designed rifle - The Nikonov AN-94 achieves a "duplex-like" effect by using it's pulley mechanism in 'Burst Mode' to fire two rounds at a rate of 1,800 rounds per minute.

 Russian AN-94 Rifle.

These two shots are fired in 33 milliseconds - that's five times faster than 'the blink of an eye'.
- Both shots leaving the barrel before any recoil effect occurs.

Marty K.