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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Spanish RADIUM Pistol:

Good mate 'J' sent me a link to watch this review at "Forgotten Weapons" - and it's almost interesting eh.

- Doesn't Ian McCollum do a great, straight-forward review?

The Radium 7.65 / .32 ACP pistol was made in Spain by Gabilondo & Urresti in 1913 and it had that fascinating and ingenious internal cartridge store. - No Separate mags to get lost or damaged. - Just unlock and slide-down that spring-loaded grip panel to drop in more rounds.

- There is so much variety in gun designs.

They say most Radiums were built in the smaller .25"ACP caliber.

Founded in 1903 - G&U initially built versions of the Nagant revolver and "Velodog" pocket revolvers.

This gun-maker eventually morphed into the Llama Company in the 1930s after making hundred of thousands of  9 shot 7.65 mm Ruby Pistols - which are closely modeled on the Browning M1903 Pistols - and were very widely used in the First World War.
9 Shot 7.65 mm Spanish RUBY Pistol.
- Reckoned to have Been Made By as Many as 45 Different Companies.

Marty K.