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Monday, 20 February 2017

327 Federal Magnum Ruger: - Part 1: Hand-loading:

Yeah - Since 11.23 Monday morning - I have now got TWO Ruger SP101s - as in these photos.

The lower one with the full under-barrel lug is my new 327 Federal Magnum - and the upper revolver is my 8 shot .22" rim-fire.

327 Federal Magnum Six Shot with .22" Rim-Fire.

I'm definitely going to fit the 'Magnum' with a similar set of after-market Hogue grips as I don't find the smaller standard grips fit my hands .. although they look fine.

First impressions are of a rock solid 'lock-up' and a very small cylinder gap.. and I'm expecting to have an interesting time on range this week-end.. How will it shoot?

I will be spending time at the loading bench in the next few days making a mix of .32" cartridges in varied 'strengths' and bullet weights - as I don't intend to just build all my brass into maximum loads .. I expect there will be a couple of "winners" that I will enjoy shooting and that perform tightly on the paper targets.

My principle "hot" .327 Fed. Magnum" load will be using Hornady 100 gr XTP jacketed hollow points in front of around 5.2 grains + - of ADI AP70N powder.. but I've also bought some lead 90 gr conical flat points - & some plated round nose that weigh 72 grain, - and even some round lead balls!

I've also bought some IMR 'Trail Boss' powder to fill the cases & build some low velocity rounds.

Even Elephants don't spend all day charging..

- Friend "J" joked that I "had better make sure I've got my brass 'knock-out' rod on hand" for any bullets that don't make it all the way out of the barrel!! .. and he's right. - Will my rod (or 'drift') actually fit into the smaller 32" caliber muzzle - check it ?

- I have some factory .32" H&R Magnum - plus x 150 .32"S&W Long cases to play with lighter plinking loads .. I'm going to be busy if this late summer 28 degree C heat and humidity don't make me too hot & sweaty, tired'n'lazy !!

- I also have a couple of boxes of the semi-rimmed .32" ACP to try for function in the Ruger 327 Magnum.. Verrry interesting.. It's going to be a busy wee revolver eh.

- Better get moving,

Marty K.

P.S. Indeed I DID have to sand -down my knock-out rod using my belt sander - by about 0.030 inch to around .30 caliber.. a good job done.
This particular length of brass round-stock has been in my tool box  for around 48 years - going back to when I worked as an injection molding press die setter and needed a "knocker" to tap-out the occasional SPRUE stuck in the molding dies 'sprue bush', Memories!