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Thursday, 23 February 2017

'Hoplophobes' I Have Met & Nuclear Submarines:

Now here's the thing - your typical anti-gunner knows that only they are right and - that there are two killing machines in this image below .. and they should both be "BANNED".

An anti-gunner doesn't know anything about *Guns* - and further more - doesn't want to know anything about them.

. - If you try to explain any particular firearm to them they are quiet likely to shove a finger into each ear - close their eyes and to start singing "LaLaLa" to drown-out the devils voice..

Every Hoplophobe that I have tried to reason with has indeed proven to have an irrational aversion to firearms.

- They might be able to record that my photo shows one Big *Gun* and another smaller *Gun* - they might just be able to notice that the big one has a 'white handle' and the other has a 'black handle'.

- But the TV opinion-makers, movie makers, and politicians have so fictionalized the gun story - into what they say is an evil thing - that hoplophobes will hysterically seek to protect their heads from all knowledge of 'evil'.. GUNS ARE BAD.

They will choose to ignore that their country - their Law Enforcement, - and that they themselves are all protected by .. good? guns.

Anti-Gunners will resist knowing that while those in my picture both are classed as revolvers ..  the small one is a 110 year old antique H&R five shot .32" caliber metallic-cartridge 'break action auto ejector' ..  while the bigger revolver is a 'modern' black powder 'Cap & Ball' "muzzle-loader" percussion gun that fires .45" caliber lead balls ..

They will likely try to forget that until recent times the only way to feed an omniverous family was by someones skilled use of  firearms - and doubtless they would shrink back from actually touching any of these Bad things before eating their burger & fries..

- They may even try to quote shootings figures - while ignoring that 'Medical Misadventure'  for example - causes many times greater fatalities than guns in US.


In the light of recently reported "Cover-ups" of  UK Trident Missile disastrous failures and the bad maintenance and the poor security & discipline on board these Vanguard Class Nuclear Submarines .. plus the recently approved 40.2 BILLION Pounds "upgrade" spending ..

- Both "J" and I have been researching nuclear submarines in recent days - and there is plenty of factual record to be found on Wikipedia.

- Two tragic US nuclear-submarine losses with all hands are well documented .. USS SCORPION (SSN-589) disappeared in 1968 with 99 crew on board - and USS THRESHER (SSN-593) 1963 with 129 persons on-board..

I was contemplating writing some about these - but the detail is so important that anyone truly concerned about these losses would better take time to examine all the story as published in Wikipedia - that you can find by a simple Google search. There is also both video and audio available.

Marty K.

P.S. While The Pentagon has a minimum IQ test for Military Officers of 120 in the Stanford Binet Test - but now reduced to 110 - it does seem likely that no such requirement can exist for the position of President Of The United States.

- Strange eh,

Marty K.