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Thursday, 2 February 2017

More Police & Natural Sparkling Water:

NZ Politicians are at last admitting that we have to have more Police .. After all it is ELECTION YEAR and they want our votes. - So the promise is for under a thousand more front line officers spread-out over the next four years. TOO FEW - TOO LATE.

Twice that number immediately would be something.


Consider the facts: If we have unacceptable unemployment - if we have poor education results - if we have high violent crime figures - if we have under-funded Health Services - It is OUR FAULT - for handing control of our beautiful country to a bunch of greedy corrupt corporate liars.

We live in 'Interesting Times'. - right now - on the other side of The Pacific they have passed control of the most powerful military machine in history to a greedy infantile bully,

In Europe we have nuclear installations where minimal care is being taken to control contamination from deadly radioactive wastes .. some plutonium materials with a half-life of  80.2 MILLION YEARS.
- They have poorly managed & maintained nuclear submarines wandering the polluted oceans loaded with horrible weapons - while we continue to elect and support administrations that have no intent to correct any of this danger to our children's children.

And the Doomsday Clock has been advanced a further 30 seconds towards 'The End'.

You have been told.

- Meanwhile down here in remote New Zealand - we still have the clearest, cleanest water springs known in the world. "Pupu Springs".

'Pupu Springs' - A Lovely Place.
- I Took My Kids there Years Ago.

Properly called 'Te Waikoropupu' the springs are located in the Golden Bay District.

  14,000 liters of pure optically clear water bubble-up each second. The Springs are rightly regarded by Maori as sacred.

Horizontal visibility is recorded as 63 meters.

.. For now.  Moves are afoot to suck increased volumes of water from this marble aquifer for industrial irrigation - to increase production on factory farms in the general area.

Problem: The issue really isn't about how much of this clear water you use 'downstream' - but what pollutants are in the waste water they put back into that ground aquifer during & after the corporate profit process.

- If you'd like to see it before it is fucked for ever - you'd better go soon.

Marty K.