Tuesday, 24 March 2020

"CARRY GUNS": PLUS Me on U.S Video:

MY debut as a back yard film star 😃.. the first time I've ever been interviewed -  other than by our police for my Firearms Licences:

Derek DeBrosse is an U.S. attorney specialising in Firearms Law at MUNITIONS LAW GROUP:



You might think that half an inch length difference to a firearm would be of little importance .. certainly when any extra length and weight should make it slightly easier to control for precision - but the carry-gun debate can be furious .. plus naturally our local NZ police licensing authority are often focused on the undersized length of things like barrels as reason for prohibition.

You will see much talk on-line from America around which handguns are best suitable for regular Self Defence carry .. indeed I used to enjoy reading all about it in various US GUN MAGAZINES sold here in NZ by stationery retailers.

- Used to is the rub (that's from 'Hamlet') - as following the Mosque Massacres of March 15 2019 our magazine importers decided to censor our reading by banning the import of GUN BOOKS.

.. It's a bloody outrage them trying to dictate and limit what may be read .. I wish someone would set-up a new importation business - perhaps one of our shooters organisations might do it?

Anyway .. back to the topic - there are plenty of small modern pistols intended for convenient "carry" where permitted but I reckon that a wider spread of sizes was carried in olden days eh .. maybe they wore more clothing back then and could manage to be discreet with these bigger tools ?

- There are tiny sub-compact Derringers in modern chamberings that certainly are easy to pack and carry .. but would be worrisome to try making hits anywhere on target.
Try Getting A Grip With That ..

A Range of antique flintlock and percussion muzzle-loading pistols would include:
5.5 inches O/A.
Vest Pocket: 3 - 5 inches overall length.
Pocket Pistol: 5 - 7 inches overall length.
Great Coat Pocket Pistol: 8 - 11 inches overall length

- these would be carried off-body ..
Travelling or Coach Pistol: 13 - 15 inches overall length.
Target & Duelling Pistols: 15 - 18 inches overall length.
Holster or Dragoon Pistols: 16 - 21 inches overall length.

My Antique 19th Century Belgian Pocket Pistol Measures 
Just Under 20 centimetres / 8 inches O/A
Dublin Made Duelling Pistols Need A Case For Easy Carry @ Near 17 Inches:
French 'Dragoon' Flintlock Measures Nearly 18 inches

.. Well they might all have been 'carried' in the day - perhaps their users were more adaptable?

My Glock G19X is said by some to be too large for easy carry .. but were we kiwis not denied the right to armed self-defence - I reckon that at under 7.5 inches O/A -  it might prove as adaptable and versatile as those old muzzle loaders were in their day ..
Marty K.

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