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Monday, 30 March 2015

How To 'Read' a Fired 9x19mm Case?:

Last weekend I managed to get on the range both days and there was time to have a decent play and chat quietly with the guys too.
9mm Just Right Carbine Silenced

I was having a look at my heavyweight 158gn sub-sonic loads in 9x19mm. - I've only found one commercial 9mm that is offered in 158gn - the 'normal' sub-sonic load seems to be 147gn - if you can find any.
9mm Lee-Enfield - Silenced

I'm unsure about my "home-brews" being totally the best that I can make them - so I'm looking for clues that may indicate how well they are working.

- From left to right, 158gn plated projectiles (.357" dia.) 
- then five 9mm cases fired in my Just Right Carbine - (Silenced)
-Then five fired cases from my Lee Enfield Bolt Action 9mm "DeLisle" silenced rifle.
- Finally five cases of the same sub-sonic load fired from my Glock 17 pistol.

Now my 'issues' are like this! The primers fired in the JRC show a degree of extruding somewhat into the firing pin hole on the JRC bolt-face - that might indicate high pressures.

Some of the primers from the 'DeLisle' look to be slightly flattened and the firing pin indents look close to over penetrating - but that may just be a longish firing pin.

- And, to me, the Glocked cases look perfectly normal and they eject gently without ricocheting all over the place!

The 158gn plated bullets are 'flat nosed' rather than 'conical' but feed perfectly - and I pass them all through a sizing die stamped .356" - but they are squeezing down only to .357" measured by my micrometre.

 Overall - I'm content that these 'indicators' add-up to a satisfactory and safe load that I'm going to bulk load and use regularly - and that the distinct features of the fired cases are just the way it is with these particular firearms.

I'd appreciate any comments from your experiences - especially from anyone using a JRC in 9mm.

Marty K.

P.S. On the Saturday one very clever young farmer was trying-out some hand rolled PAPER CARTRIDGES in .36" calibre for his new percussion six-gun. I'll try write something about that soon.