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Monday, 23 March 2015

Kaikoura Landowners Want Shooting Law Changed:

Landowners in the Puhi Valley and Blue Duck Valley north of Kaikoura on the radio today called for the law that permits shooting from public roads to be changed.
Currently it is lawful to shoot from a road provided it does not endanger lives - but some farmers in this area think that it should be banned in an attempt to stop poaching on their private properties.

- It is already illegal to have a loaded gun in a vehicle while travelling on a road - but local tourism lodge business operator at Te Puhi Peaks Station, -  Nicky McArthur says " There needs to be a total ban on shooting from the public roads".

Red Deer In Kaikoura

A total ban would cause difficulty for local farmers who routinely shoot from roads onto their own properties.

- There are several distinct issues being raised here by the property owners - Trespass, Poaching, Careless, Unsafe rifle shooting, Tourist business, Commercial deer shooting etc. - but the sporting shooter seems to be the easiest target for them to blame and attack.

Marty K.

P.S. Kaikoura means Crayfish Food (Kai = food)