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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Last weekend I was intrigued and excited by something "John-Boy-The-Farmers-Lad"  (JBTFL) showed me on range.
" Have You Seen This?"

- He had a small plastic container with hand-made .36" Calibre PAPER CARTRIDGES to fire in his new Uberti percussion six-shooter. (-These guns are very affordable!)

'JBTFL' researched how to make the paper cartridges on Youtube and the result is genius - a totally hand made process using 'roll-your-own' cigarette papers formed on a shaped wooden dowel.

Load-up the gun with the paper cartridges , plenty of grease, - pop-on the caps - and the result was nice holes on the down-range target with clouds of white smoke and the tempting smell of fried potatoes hanging in the air.


Self-contained Cartridge (Ball & Powder)
Home-made Former
JBTFL says that he used a 21gn spout on the powder flask - and the whole process seems to have been trouble-free, fun, and low cost. - What a hoot - what's to argue about!
- that's just one Youtube video - there's plenty of others. - A totally combustible cartridge that's made using cigarette papers - that is quick and easy to use - a kind of 'case-less' ammunition from history - Genius.
There is such a variety of fun that you can have shooting - that you could do it every day.
- thanks for the pictures JBTFL
Marty K.