Monday, 7 September 2020

Policing CUTS ... Prepared?

 If your home is broken into RIGHT NOW ... do you seriously expect any police action or real interest?

- No? - I well remember that police were organised specifically to keep residents safe - in New Zealand the ARMED POLICE FORCE APF was formed in 1846.

 'Frontline' police workers continue to this day to be dedicated and heroic in their dangerous work of trying to control the nutters in our beautiful land .. but they are seriously handicapped in this work by their warped leadership - that focuses politically led "policies" through a dust-storm of under funding and "ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY".. in other words - COST CUTS.

Police powers are not military ... they are subject to the same criminal laws as are their families & neighbours - so their ongoing employment and pay will be further badly affected by this COVID-19 pandemic.

Have you yet noticed the new phrase THE POST COVID ECONOMY ?

- All of these extra costs and "shut-downs" are likely to end something like a quarter of our business's .. and the rest of us will be left paying for the Billions that we are borrowing in emergency payments.

As Licensed firearms owners we are all hoping to stop further anti-gun laws from emerging - perhaps even dreaming of stopping and reversing Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 that resulted from the BRENTON TARRENT MOSQUE MURDERS.

Prime Minister Ardern wants us to forget and never again mention TARRENT's name - but you'd be wise to remember and use it at every opportunity - otherwise kiwi hunters and shooters will continue to be blamed for what he did on March 15 1999.

Private Security Workers

Who can tell what the future will be like? - but you can guarantee that the essential services of POLICE, HEALTH, EDUCATION, & SOCIAL SERVICE will continue to be increasingly underfunded while the tax burden will get heavier.

Directors of New Zealand's CORPORATIONS and BIG BUSINESS will pull-back their money to keep themselves comfortable in their Head Offices - and expect them to increase their private security staff.

The U S has many insiders expecting a near collapse of society's norms - gun sales and ammunition are rapidly peaking ..

Here in New Zealand we gun owners have a BIG problem - if this Labour Party Government is returned in the coming election they will doubtless continue their emotional attacks on fit & proper firearms owners - but a National Party Government are unlikely to withdraw the recent amendments to the Arms Act. - The one single chance of improving firearms law is if sufficient 'Party Votes' are registered for the act party who are committed to change & reverse the fiddling stupid law changes. Please vote.

  Link: to an American perspective on future policing from Greg Ellefritz:

Marty K.

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